Why Choosing Granite Countertop is best for your Kitchen Renovation?

granite countertop

No doubt that granite countertop has always remained the first choice of the house makers when it comes to house renovation. Granite is the most popular material that adds beauty and elegance to the kitchen areas no matter how old it is.聽

But there are a few more things you need to know about granite countertop before investing in it. Let鈥檚 check a few more facts below to see why choosing a granite countertop is the best option in 2021.

Granite Countertop is Affordable聽

When purchasing granite countertop, the first thing you need to be careful about is to see what the cost of this countertop is. Generally, the cost is based on factors such as the slab used in it, quality of stone and the retailer from where you are buying it.聽

The average cost of the granite countertop is around $75 per square foot. Regarding the slab, it can cost approximately $40 per square foot to $200 per square foot in terms of fabrication and installation.聽

Granite Countertop is Easy to Clean聽

There is no need to add on with any fancy techniques for the cleanliness of the granite. The reason is that it is easy to clean and maintain in just a few minutes. You to take soap water which should be warm, and a cloth for rinsing the granite surface.聽

Make sure the countertop is completely sealed once it is installed. This will prevent the countertop from any moisture from seeping into the porous stones and leaving some permanent stains.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners. This might leave some scratches and damage the entire surface. Hence, it might be prone as in leaving some more germs and stains on the granite countertop surface.聽

Granite is available in different colors

Another best thing about granite is that it is available in various color options. Pick your favorite one to make it look unique and extraordinary. Browns and tans are the two most popular one, which is based on color spectrum finishing.聽

You can even go with the granite countertop in muddy and darker brown shades to provide some extra contrast. Santa Cecelia is quite in high demand these days. It has the neutral coloring of a combination of cream and beige tones.

Granite is heat-resistant聽

Granite is hence a complete heat-resistant stone, making it much more capable of withstanding the heat without burning or scorching.聽

Plus, granite stone is hence less porous as compared to other stones. It won鈥檛 get any stains if it is adequately sealed.聽

Granite Countertop is Durable

Last but not least, the granite countertop is in high demand due to its durable nature. This makes it stay with you for long-lasting years. Granite has a hard stone in its composition, which is hence more resistant to damage than laminate. It won鈥檛 easily scratch or chip, and if it gets damaged, you can quickly repair it without any hassle.聽

A Final Word

So these have been a few of the most popular and common reasons due to which the use of granite countertop is becoming the most fantastic option to consider. Opt for the granite countertop right now and let your house kitchen be the dream kitchen for everyone.聽