Marble Countertops: Things You Should Know Before Choosing Marble Countertops

marble countertops

You might have heard about the marble countertops so many times for the kitchen renovation. It is in so much demand because it has an engineered and natural stone feeling like quartz, which adds an extra shine. But there is a little bit of a standard curve for the marble countertops maintenance and care of marble countertops.聽

Right through this guide, we will explain a few of the essential factors which you need to know about marble countertops and the main reason for high popularity.聽

Major Things you should know Before Choosing Marble Countertops

1. Marble can get the stain and is porous聽

Being the natural stone, there are high chances that the marble countertops will quickly get into the stains. Due to its porous nature, it can easily absorb the spills, drops, or pigments from the food if any item stays on the surface for a longer time.聽

Plus, it cannot hold itself well to heat. Therefore, pans or hot pots should never be directly placed on marble countertops. With constant wear and time, it can cause some etching which can dull the entire marble finishing.聽

2. It is easy to clean marble

For cleaning marble countertops, no unique products are required. You need dish soap, hot water, and a damp microfiber cloth. We all know acid as the worst enemy of marble, so make sure you keep the countertop away from lemon, vinegar, or bleach cleansers. If any stain is stubborn, you should contact the manufacturers and see how they can guide you with the stain or grease removal.聽

3. Increases the value of the home聽

Having your house kitchen add up with the marble countertops can increase can overall value of the house at the time of reselling. Although marble is a bit expensive to install but overall, it鈥檚 a worthy investment! They have timeless beauty, which can go perfectly with any style of kitchen.聽

4. Marble can develop a patina over time

Marble countertops have the living finishing, so they will always change with time. Color gets darken slightly where etching and spoils will look much more purposeful or uniform instead of accidental.聽

Hence, marble have a joyful personality that feels much organic and is loved by the people. They have a long back history, making it extra attractive to add to your house kitchen areas.

5. Available in different finishing options聽

The best thing about marble countertops is that they are available in different finishing options in polished texture form and honed marble form. Honed marble is the ground down and is not at all glossy. But it has a matte texture which brings an organic feel.聽


So these have been a few of the essential points you need to consider when investing in marble countertops and making this beauty add to your house kitchen. Make sure you know a bit about maintaining it to stay in it for the coming long years. Go for it now!