10 small apartment living room ideas

living room apartment

These tiny apartment living room ideas can make even a tiny space oversized

If you’re looking for living room ideas for small apartments, you’re aware of the daunting task of making a room appear wider, taller, or brighter than it actually is, while trying to make every corner look cozy.

These small apartment living room ideas will inspire you to create the space of your dreams.

While finding the right small living room ideas for apartments and studios can be difficult, compact living has several benefits. The well-designed concept is as comfortable as a larger space, with all the comforts and comforts that home living brings. One of the main advantages is easy to access to everything you need. Ease of maintenance is another benefit.

Now all you have to do is find the perfect color scheme, layout and furniture style for your space – that’s where our living room ideas come in.

Living room ideas for small apartments

If your apartment has a small living room, you can upgrade it to make it feel bigger and more thoughtful. Our small apartment tips and living room ideas will help you get started.


1.Decorate it with a monochromatic color


Using a monochromatic living room color scheme in different shades of the same color helps furniture and other features step back and take up less space when incorporated into an apartment living room idea.

Soften the palette by adding a warm grey or blue, as in this white and blue living room, rather than harsh black or white.


2. 聽Emphasize vertical lines to trick the eye

living room apt

Whether you choose striped wallpaper or floor-to-ceiling curtains, you can create visual tricks by painting eyes up and down the walls instead of on them, which is what makes the brain think a small living room is bigger. Even with the idea of 鈥嬧媋 long living room, this trick can help bring the narrow proportions of the room back into balance.

So if your apartment has a low ceiling in the living room, use this interior designer’s trick — but soften the effect with curved furniture.

3. Furnished apartment living room storage

The living room of a studio or small apartment needs built-in furniture that not only holds (and hides) everything you need, but also uses every inch of space in a quiet and uncluttered way – so opt for built-in wardrobe small storage ideas , suitable for living room.
Here, the wall units are subtly brought into the room, with orange as the dominant hue. The orange background contrasts with the accessories on display, further enhancing their impact.

5. Match wall to woods

Make the living room of a small apartment appear larger by painting the walls and woodwork the same shade.

If you’re brave enough, you can also paint the ceiling a light color to make the room feel bigger. As long as your ceiling is painted a lighter color than the walls, your ceiling will feel taller no matter the color.


6. Enlarge the living room of a small apartment with SHINE

Try silk, satin and velvet for upholstery and home textiles. Its soft shimmer and sheen will enhance the sense of space and add understated luxury to a small living room apartment.


7. Use the same color

living room idea same color

When decorating a small space, create the illusion of higher ceilings by painting the walls, floors, woodwork and even the fireplace the same color. This creates a seamless look where your eyes don’t stop with color changes, giving the illusion of more space.

Paint low ceilings a bright white or a light shade of the same color as the walls to create the illusion of height. You can add color to household items and accessories.

This all cream and white living room scheme effectively uses low furniture to make the space appear larger as well.

8. Play with a scale

play with scale living room

When planning living room ideas for small apartments, think carefully about which furniture works best.

Add a clear or high-gloss plexiglass chair or glass coffee table to make the room feel more airy and spacious. Light bounces around glass furniture and shiny surfaces, so many shiny mirrored furniture and accessories make small living rooms look larger.


9. Keep the floor of a small apartment clean

living room floor

The floor should not be fussy in order to blend in with the background. Simple, neutral rugs complement most small apartment home decor ideas. The floor area also opens up if not carpeted.

10. Invest is a space storage-saving idea

shelving in wood

Use the shelving for the items you really want to display. Floor-to-ceiling shelves make the most of all the space you have and keep everything off the floor.

To make the space feel as large as possible, don’t overcrowd the shelves — instead, decorate their interiors to complement the rest of your plan, like in this sophisticated gray living room with red accents, and keep them understaffed.


How to decorate a small living room?

Small apartment living rooms may lack space, but still have a lot of style. A well-designed studio apartment that includes plenty of hidden storage and furniture tailored to the space can achieve a sense of comfort and convenience that belies the modest square footage.

Choose furniture that matches the size of the room鈥攐versized closets, sofas, and chairs can make a small space feel cramped. Furniture that is the same color as the wall tends to blend into the wall to make it appear wider, and be sure to arrange the furniture at an angle to give the room a sense of depth.

Consider decorating walls with polished plaster, a material that reflects light and enhances the visual perception of a space. Other reflective decorative surfaces, such as chrome mirrors, silver leaf or lacquer, also make the room appear larger.

When decorating a small space, create a focal point鈥攁n area or feature that draws attention in order to place less emphasis on the layout of the room. For apartment living ideas, this will most likely be a sofa or coffee table, so make sure the focal point is the star of the room.