10 Tips for modern shelving in wood to keep things in style

shelving in wood

We get it, whether you have a small collection of books and accessories, or the pride of owning jewelry boxes and jewelry boxes, shelving designs can feel quite intimidating. To make the process easier, we’ve rounded up 10 top tips to keep in mind as you work to make your built-in plugins and bookshelves look better than ever. We’re glad that styling this area of 鈥嬧媦our home doesn’t have to be terribly expensive, and we’ve included some money-saving tips along the way.

1. Think Outside The Box When Shopping

Ceramics, candlesticks, woven baskets, bust sculptures, bells and figurines all look beautiful on fixtures. For example, if you like chinoiserie, you might want to look for items that support that aesthetic, such as: B. Staffordshire Terrier, Rich Hound, or Blue and White Ginger Jar.

2. Cut the junk

Sturdy shelves offer many accessories, but the point is that these items are clever and well-planned. More isn’t always better – if you’re buying jewelry just for display without any personal meaning, you might want to check out this strategy. Also, some items might not be worth storing outdoors – that’s what closed cabinets are for; put this not-so-great vase behind the door and call it a day.

3. Incorporate Some Books

You don’t want your built-ins and bookshelves to have only accents. Most of us have stacks of books that need a home – so why not display your favorites on your shelf? Books are also an instant conversation starter, giving those who visit your home a quick overview of your hobbies and passions. Buying new illustrated books can be very expensive, so don’t be afraid to find your favorite budget-friendly book at a used bookstore or library store.

4. Spread Out Colors

In the same way, it is more pleasing to distribute accessories and books in the same color. For example, if you have several blue jewelry boxes, put one pair on one shelf and the rest on the diagonally opposite shelf. The same rule applies to materials – spread out your metal, glass and china. You want your shelves to look like a curated display rather than a department in a store where everything is sorted by color and type.

5. Have Some Fun With Painting

If you’re just not happy with the pure white interiors, go ahead and paint them! Even if you choose to keep the cladding of the shelves white, you can be stylish and whimsical by painting the back panel black. Or choose orange or turquoise for a retro look.

6. Buy Surely Items Slowly

One-stop home improvement stores are a great resource for decorating your space, but they won’t solve your shelf styling problems. Rather than buying in bulk and calling it quits, choose to organize your accent pieces over time – you’ll thank yourself when you have more treasures to show! So what is the best way? For example, when traveling or at an antique or vintage store, keep an eye out for items that really talk to you. Not only will you make smarter purchases (which ultimately help you save money), but you’ll have a story to tell about every item you offer. The pieces you choose don’t have to be expensive either. Flea markets and thrift stores are full of gems.

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7. Vary Book Positioning

If you choose to display stacks of illustrated books or novels on your shelves, keep things looking interesting by creating several types of arrangements. It can be tempting to stack books horizontally in groups of three on each shelf, as the arrangement is usually very visually appealing, but not too monotonous. If your shelf height allows, try two, four or even five piles. Display some books vertically – you can always cover them with gorgeous bookends for added character and function.

8. Rearrangeit as You Wish

The beauty of built-in shelves is that you can change their appearance at any time. Your style will develop naturally over time and you will bring home new pieces you wish to showcase and may need to move elements accordingly. Styling is an ongoing process, and if you love it, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to refresh your space by simply rearranging your bookshelves.

9. Skip the Excessive Family Photos

It’s fair game to show off a favorite photo or two, but generally, it’s better to keep family photos in another part of your home rather than keep them on a bookshelf. Decorating your bookshelf with rows of framed personal photos can look messy and outdated – while we’re all about preserving special memories, we recommend placing your frames on a small table in an elegant living room, or in a stairwell Hang a gallery.

10. Consider Item Weight

Heavier items look best when displayed on lower shelves. So place that thick stack of coffee table books at the bottom of the shelf and line the delicate woven baskets higher. Small jewelry boxes look beautiful anywhere, but if you have larger storage containers on your bookshelf, be sure to keep them underneath.