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Modern shelving in wood, keep things in style

To get back to nature when choosing a bookcase in wood for the tabernacle. Hos BoShop you can buy shelving in oak and teak. Whether you want to furnish you with a bookcase in oak or teak is completely up to you

With a bookcase and room divider in wood, you can store your stuff with style in the home. The picture shows M Rack Teak bookcase / bench from Ethnicraft, which you can buy here at BoShop.

Shelving is returned

I must personally say that I the last few years have seen many bookcases around with friends and family, but it must be said to have changed recently. The bookcases have been given a new life. But it is also a good explanation. In the past, shelving usually a little boring, and was just used as a form of storage furniture. Now this is a bookcase stylish and the design is modern. In any case, if you are looking at the bookshelves that are in BoShops committee. Their series of shelves, provides a great opportunity to get integrated a shelf or several shelves in this modern home also.

Whether you need to use an elongated bookcase, which stands on the floor. Or you are looking for a wall-mounted shelving unit, then this can be left to make in a smart and modern design. The series of racks are available in several sizes and colors. The models can also be obtained in the wood, which then can also be colored on the inside.

If it should have awakened an interest, so these models can be seen here. A bookcase is therefore no longer just be for storage, or a place where you store your stuff out of the way. Bookshelves can now be a permanent part of the decor in your home, and can be the one to give it a modern and stylish look that you’re looking for. When you say the shelving in wood, it can for some people sound a little old-fashioned. But here in 2021 is the time to shelving in wood and in no way old-fashioned.

Timeless træreoler and unique wood furniture from Ethnicraft

The very idea of a bookcase still takes the traditional idea of a hyldesystem that can store your things. What is new is that the bookcases in not only practical, but also beautiful to look at. Part of the wood to finish incredibly nice at the shelves by Ethnicraft, but also on the way reolernes hylderum is divided is also pleasing to the eye. There are many bookshelves in the tree, in various versions. Some are either for racking in oak or shelves in teak or shelves in walnut. It is each its a matter of taste.

“Common to BoShops shelving in wood, is that they are made in high quality, with a focus on the design and the details”.

Are you looking for a wooden bookcase, you must not cheat yourself for BoShops committee. BoShop offers both stylish bookcase in oak and teak. Common to all of the shelving in wood, is that there are many ways to combine the bookcases on, and they are available in many different colors and sizes. Visit BoShop.dk and read more about the variants and options you have to furnish your home with modern shelving in wood. Get advice and inspiration on the page or by visiting the beautiful shop in Risskov, close to Aarhus, or our new bolighus in the centre of Aalborg.

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