Bathroom Faucets: What types of Faucets are Available for your Bathroom Area?

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bathroom faucets

It might be a bit hard for some people to choose the faucet type for their bathroom in the middle of various bathroom faucet models. To save you from that hassle, we are sharing a list of essential bathroom faucets that you can pick for your dramatic bathroom renovation.

When selecting bathroom faucets, you need to pay attention to the bathroom theme and the style, i.e. traditional, modern or contemporary. Let鈥檚 see the list below and check which bathroom faucets are best for your bathroom areas.

List of Best Bathroom Faucets Available for your Bathroom Design

1. Bridge

To have an old-fashioned style of faucet combined with today鈥檚 technology, using a bridge faucet is the best option for you. As you will look at the design, you will find the levers and faucet all together branch off in the singular part. This hence needs two holes in the bathroom countertop as opposed to the third one.

Some bridge bathroom faucets are available for the under-mount sinks. You can hence have the bridge bath faucets mounted over the bathroom countertop. This yet makes the faucet a lot easy to clean and easy to maintain.

2. Centre-set

Next on our list of bath faucets, we have a center-set type. This works well with the basins having three holes. These baths have a handle that is 4 inches apart. It hence includes a spout with two handles on each side of the base unit.

But there are some center-set faucets based on two handles mounted over the six-inch plate over the bathroom sink.

3. Single-handle

Single handle faucets are also popular as single lever bath faucets. It is evident from the name that they are available with one handle only. This singular handle of the single-handle faucet hence controls the water temperature and water pressure.

Most of the single-handle bathroom faucets are just requiring a single or two holes. In this way, it hence means that just one hole in the bathroom countertop is needed for the faucet installation. But in case there are some additional holes, then most of the bathroom faucets come with a mounting plate for covering the extra holes.

4. Spread-fit

A connection below the vanity deck or the countertop sink deck is fully concealing up with the spread-fit faucets. These unique bathroom faucets have separate spouts along with separate handles. Holes of this faucet are hence placed at a distance of 10 inches away from one another.

Hence, it is easy to position the bath faucets spout on the rear corner or let the handles be placed on one side of the faucet. This will make the process easy for the user in terms of tight installations. You will find this faucet to be quite similar to the center-set bathroom faucet.

5. Deck mount

Last we have a deck mount faucet which is mounting up directly to the bathroom countertop. It will vary from the other bathroom faucet types because it is generally mounted over the wall or the sink itself. You can use these faucets for the bathtubs or the sink bathroom faucets.

Bathroom Faucets Conclusion

So what are you waiting for? Collect more information about the bath faucets we have discussed above. See which one will go best according to your bath faucet style.

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