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You can also get the out array the wall of your home through design ideas this???

With just simple ingredients such as paint, wood, paper or adhesive tape… along with the idea and a bit of ingenuity, you can decor for wall his home beautiful and more unique. Try looking at the decor ideas wall below our and done, I’m sure you also no longer get out plate wall monotony of his daily again.

From the pages of the casual you can create the white snowflakes to adorn the Christmas season right in bedroom his.

Decorative plate wall with wine corks

The wine cork idea that useless and discarded was up with the picture on the wall nicely.

Wall decoration with paper cardboard

Try sending messages full of love to the ones in your family thanks to these sheets of cardboard with white paper and paste them on the wall.

Decorate your wall with rope lights

The beam fireworks from the lights, wire to make walls shimmer shine full of charm clear away seem monotonous, uncouth inherent of it.

Wall decoration with tape

Wall decoration with tape

Duct tape is not only to glue or fixed furniture. In this design, tape is the material of visual arts.

Wall decoration with color paper

A curtain of colorful and equally smooth, sweet for walls of your house.

Wall decoration with fabric and foam

Wall decoration with fabric and foam

Use styrofoam and fabric to make oil paintings on request.

Wall decoration many colors

Or combine more colors-young, dynamic, according to personal preference.

Wall decoration with old CDS

Case using old CDS and insert your own image to make your own work of art.

Wall decoration with paint

Paint the wall and transfer color tone of them according to their preferences.

Painted decorative plate wall

Downright easy to make and are even a dance of the dots on the wall.

Create geometric wall art

Create wall art geometric with the box hexagon full color.

Wall decoration with paper paste dcan

Add a branch, peach wallpaper dcan upliving room wall change message signal color spring is coming…

Wall decoration with wood

You absolutely can say goodbye to the cold of the brick wall and create a unique headboard with pieces of wood together.

Wall decoration with color pencils

Who says pencil only used to write and draw? Here we have a painting art, full color on the wall from the pencil color easy to find.

Wall decoration with color paper

Use colored paper, cut and create into a curtain decorative art rhythm for wall.

Wall decoration with diy photo frame

Instead of hanging pictures in frames, use glossy paper color to make a custom frame. Just save up and fancy.

Wall decoration with paint color and wooden small

Please use the painting with the different colors and paint up the small sticks (popsicle such) and pair them with each other according to your wish and hang on the wall. You will see wall his daily today was completely different.

Wall decoration with honeycomb

The honeycomb not only stimulate the curiosity that really is it makes your walls, all empty, and a lot more glamorous.

Wall decoration with boxes

Use shoe boxes, wooden boxes and paper pattern to do the shelves on the wall. Just to exhibits celebrating, just grace the walls.

Wall decoration with paper

Use paper more color to the fin-s to form an artistic paintings with different layers on the wall.

Wall decoration with creating a portrait

Create a portrait styled family tree is also a way not only to help decorate your walls more lively, but also is a bridge connecting love in the family.

Decorate your wall with book shelves fun

Use the blocks square box with various sizes and arrange them in different ways to make a book shelves wall art.

Wall decoration with paint

Instead of just painting the walls, you stretch hand paint up the ceiling to create a look that visually appealing.

Wall decorating with checkerboard

Wood and paint create a chessboard of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Wall decoration with paper folding

Cut the paper pattern, fold them back on the wall. You’ve got work great for walls that are not expensive.

Wall decor with oil painting

A few oil paintings, connect them with each other. Do you have an artwork on the wall for the living room or any room that you want.

Wall decoration with wire multiple colors

Let’s “writing” his dream to the wall without soiling it by the chain colorful.

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