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Wall painting silk – effective Solution for the modern home

Along with the product dedicated for wall materials, unique wall silk appearance increases choice in the decoration of the house wall, not only meet the diverse needs of customers, but also bring the perfect beauty for your home.

Create space completely new for the living room

How to space your family become luxurious, unique and modern aesthetic of the home, which is what everyone desire. Besides the advantages of form, then the features in the process of use is what many consumers are interested in. There are many solutions to choose to decorate like paint, wall paper, plywood, stone… However, currently, there is a new solution in wall decoration it is wall paint silk.

Bedroom wall silk

Can create pattern and texture liking by painting wall silk

Wall paint silkalso known as paint true love is decorative materials, furniture made from natural materials, including silk, silk, stone, quartz, solid color and high-molecular compound, cellulose. The product has been certified, no harmful chemicals, no smell, environment-friendly, should not affect the health of consumers.

Wall paint silk is the paint products eco premium with many special features, with characteristics made from silk has a natural color, combined with fiber, synthetic stones, natural additive and adhesive waterproof in each silk thread, make 1 product difficult to fade color, durability and high adhesion. Especially due to the texture of silk fibers should paint the walls silk has sound insulation, heat insulation efficiency.

Wall silk bedroom 2

Wall painting silk has many outstanding advantages,

Advantages of this material is possible disruption, or partial repairs without leaving a trace pairing. Even from the materials down on the wall, we can still re-use that the use of the product not changed, the layer material will dry as old as if not to be acted on. In the construction process, you can create motifs, motifs according to the preferences to avoid to get bored and create for your home space more abundant and eye-catching.

Wall painting silk for beautiful home

Many colors and models to choose from for the space more alive

Wall paint silk can be used on many different materials such as: Wall, wood, aluminum, glass. The current wall painting silk has about 200 color from the basic colors to the colors have been blended to customers have more choice for the walls of his house.

You can use wall paint silk decorative for the office add elegance, to create the details fun for the bedroom becomes cozy, or used for living room, singing…

Wall silk for karaoke room

Karaoke room lunh linh fanciful over with wall paint silk

Although appearance in the Vietnam market not so long ago, but this product also get more feedback quite well from a number of families have used to create space dry in the monsoon weather of the North, or sound insulation, good thermal insulation helps save energy when the family use of air conditioning, reduce the cost for your family.

Wall painting silk living room

Bring breath warm over for bedroom

With the features of its products, wall paint silk will contribute to bring your home space, luxury and more beautiful. At the same time this is also the solution for the family in time of economic difficulty today.

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