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Wall ceiling tiles for home more modern

Life as a modern human, the demand for more delicate. Trends in wall tile natural is chosen is up to the throne. Let’s see the brick wall “rustic” look that is full of charm attracts the eye every look, adorn the house more chic and unique.

Ceiling tiles can be used to decorate many places in the house, such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room and entertainment room. Ceiling tiles, can used to decorate the same interior, town house, villa, house, garden, dotted into space modern “wind” rustic country.

Living room wood tiles 2

Living room wood tiles 3

Living room becomes liberal, simple but still modern when decorated with the ceiling tiles. You can choose red brick ceiling matching with furniture living room to be a wonderful living space.

Bedroom rustic tiles 1

Bedroom rustic tiles 2

In the bedroom, ceiling tiles are combined with paintings, giving the owner feel calm, casual, warm.

Ceiling tiles in the bedroom should be combined with paintings bring a sense of casual and peaceful.

Kitchen rustic tiles 1

Dining room, rustic tiles 2

Dining room, rustic tiles 3

A style is very popular nowadays is the use of ceiling tiles for the kitchen and dining room. Could use ceiling tiles for the wall plates big as background to decorate the other furniture or the great pillars.

Entertainment room tiles rustic

A relaxing space great as immersed in its course by the combination of brick walls, wood floors, and green plants.

Whitewashed wall rustic

White paint wall bedroom 1

White paint wall bathroom

You can also paint the wall white rustic tiles to decorative background such furniture and create a stylish living space.

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