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Unique hotel shower the middle of the desert

A hotel with unique architecture, sustainable, fancy, like a lotus flower freshness in the desert sun and sand.

Between the desert Xiangshawan of the Inner mongolia region of wild, the capital beijing to 800 km, guests will be awfully surprised by the eyes to admire a hotel monumental is placed with the poetic name: Desert Lotus (lotus of the desert).


The white tents were arranged in each lotus petals forms a lotus are in bloom.There is one thing especially hotels with the system architecture can sustain, fixed on the sand that only needs to reinforcement, not need concrete.


This resort is built with the material is friendly with environment.


Mainly use solar energy, water power and wind power on the desert to minimize environmental pollution, nature.


Load-bearing walls with white, and the corners are arranged logically to reduce the heat of the sun for guests to stay inside.


Lotus Hotel is specially designed to be able to stand firmly on the desert. The steel sheet material is mainly to build up Lotus Hotel

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