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Trends in the dwelling, 2017: Grab the ideas

With a new year door is also nice to know which boligtrends that comes to adorn the space here in the year 2017. A year where we are in the home interior are becoming more braver to also use stronger colours such as yellow and yellow in a delicate hue

Yellow is a color that we are going to see very much in 2017 in boligtrends. Here is the beautiful Nordic Oak – coffee table from Ethnicraft adorned with accessories in the color yellow.

Follow the trend and grab ideas for 2017

In the past year, it has many colors moved into the dwelling, for example, colors like burgundy, blommefarven or which we have written about here on boligbloggen namely the midnight blue color in velourmaterialet. Here in the new year we turn up even more for the colors and also adds some more strong and hot colours as for example the color yellow can be, in some contexts however, as will be seen in a more delicate yellow here in this year.

Materials are mixed on the tick and cross

One of the other things such as going to ‘encouragingly’ in 2017’s the way we combine the things in the tabernacle in the field of materials. Wood and wooden furniture, as you can see at the top of the big picture, mixed with elements of metal, for example brass or it could also easily be ceramic.

“The marble-like, as was the promotion last year continues and giving a natural touch in your décor with the same unique structure in marmorets veins as the veins of a tree also do on its own way.”

Stone and small joints of the stones that can be placed on top of a small table or console table are also some of the things that that’s going to move in the new year. It has become very fashionable to have things in your home that are vibrant, unique, robust and durable in their expression and form. Carpets with a good and clear texture is also something which is becoming trendy.

Benefits by providing you the following trends:

• Get the opportunity to decorate your home with something that is stylish right now
• Have the opportunity still to combine the things you already have with the new trends
• Have the opportunity to be at the forefront of your decor

Here at the bottom of the page we have gathered some things from BoShops website which very well demonstrates the boligtrends, which appears here in the year 2017, so it is just to take the ideas!

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