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Toilet interior! Simple & simple a modern style? | Interior for site-LUV INTERIOR-

The toilet is in a private space of calm and modern atmosphere to as many people think.

However, many simple and simple, modern as nothing to the point if you think about it.

Simple & simple, modern toilet examples and to the point read.

Tile and panel aims to create simple & simple modern style

Toilet case of narrow space.

The entire surface of the street as narrow feel, the 1 in terms of directing the water. This from 1 side to this fine tile wall also modern and in……

Hey adult atmosphere of the toilet right there. Same color of the gradient mosaic tiles, such as it is.

Also, like this only a little paste there. This top from mosaic tile seal and a wide range masking tape make it easy on yourself can DIY.

Access point in use if it is a color, blue, and using the most modern and fashionable.

Fabric and photos in monochrome Cody goal

The living room also monotone coordinating or from the toilet, it will monotone in the hotel or not.

Color without the use of the monochrome, fabric panels and employees panels adorn the look.

Chanel fabric panel to a Cup to decorate, the color is uniform for a classic ambience is attractive.

Panel for easy handmade can like cloth or pictures, such as photos in your own can make it.

Accent the cross in the modern style aims examples

Toilet somewhere in the 1 plane only need replacing such as different colors of accent Cross of modern style to aim in a good way.

Simple and modern color what color to run.

Toilet wall 1 side just like this thread, such as that of the most fashionable.

Wall spot lighting design of a wall to illuminate the atmosphere of a modern toilet to aim for so that we can review all stations and update from our servers.

The gray color of the monotone of the toilet is also recommended. Wallpaper 1 in terms of design objects and a sophisticated feel to it.

Like a brick wall to the cross in the paste and modern atmosphere in just.

The mirror frame of the bricks in the wind for and even more it will feel. Yourself comfortable in Paste there.

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Modern Balinese toilet goal

In women,the Other of artificial flowers/dark brown/plumeria/Bali miscellaneous goods/Asian/Balinese...such as the interior of the examples introduction.

Source: http://roomclip.jp

Bali hotel image and toilet.

Brown theme Asian do aim. Bali is also like this color to unify this in an adult atmosphere.

Toilet seat cover also brown dining room, a large mirror and also there is a presence.

The color is uniform hotel wind in the toilet of the aims and chic impression.

French modern toilet from

This is a French modern interior aims to have a stylish and feel of the toilet.

Striped wall accents in the same color rug and toilet seat cover, Slippers etc are unified to a modern impression of the toilet.

Toilet and store the toilet and hotel toilets and modern place, it was in reference to the fun as can be. And thank you.


In women,Other ig→megu4696/black and white addiction/my home/simple and modern/simple...such as the interior of the examples introduction.

Source: http://roomclip.jp

What do you think?

Toilet impression of 3rd party from all important, I think.

The toilet is a very private space, is essential.

Toilet space to make it have a sense of security to your process.

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