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Toilet decor Scandinavian-I want! Illustration and concept? | Interior for site-LUV INTERIOR-

The toilet and now the outbreak of the Nordic I want you what is it?

Wallpaper change,the wall shelf is provided, the fabric panel and accessories, such as various Goodies in the Nordic mood to liven up or not.

Examples will introduce together from toilet Scandinavian interior of history.

Toilet cleanliness is the most important,Nordic friendly atmosphere of the toilet was time!

Toilet wall Nordic wind is?

Wallpaper accent cross in toilet on one side of the page only to replace the … more

On one side of the page only if the upholstery replaced easily, and the impact of your design challenges have you.

The Nordic wind to be natural and gentle color tones of the Wallpaper is the place for you.

White base with blue accent cross if you clean impression but it also gives us the.

This is the wall of the toilet to DIY make a cloud toilet paper shelf is impressive.

Handmade warmth is and out of that toilet paper shelves are.

Nordic empty of course, this is a friendly hand-made feel very appealing.

Wood in the making,punch carpet surface made cloud toilet paper shelf and have fun sum experience.

Gray in the unified toilet is toilet paper white interior by decorating aims ideas overflowing.

The wall of the toilet to fabric panel of decorating from.

Your own Scandinavian-ish fabric you can buy fabric panel on it’s own. Styrofoam as base is surprisingly easy to make.

The walls are simple, yet they can benefit from the panel.

Your toilet is art calm atmosphere of the space to have it. Toilet paper―even in the orderly object has become.

Wood shelves and towel from such as Scandinavian and warm atmosphere.

Scandinavian design is famous as”Catalina”pattern of the fabric panel to the ornament, the color tone of gentle colors in unified.

Clean blue Scandinavian warmth to the toilet as possible.

For storage of toilet paper to the Scandinavian design of the cover with a cloth and make and decorate, etc. and a cute accent to it.

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Shelf made by Nordic goods and plants, green display

The blue color on the wall, then cross white shelves. This Scandinavian home accessories to decorate with, but the color is not much use in the White and blue just as good rendition.

Mirror for the interior of sex to shape and decorate to-set.

Old materials of the wind Wallpaper paste,the white shelf with the Nordic wind panels and green to decorate it.

The Nordic wind is green and new items. Green I would love to build this hanging from a more sleek feel to it.

Here is a toilet through life feeling as small as possible such as a lot of decorating in.

Dried flower and eucalyptus, such as the Scandinavian atmosphere of the plants that decorate the House.

Shelf or windowsill in a small Scandinavian goods such as decorating of the story.


In women,this IKEA/Wallpaper within the main building of nishimuraya store/2nd floor toilet/100 average/Wallpaper DIY/modern Scandinavian...such as the interior of the examples introduction.

Source: http://roomclip.jp

What do you think?

The second half plant and white and same dates, at a lower rate, that is viewable and bookable on another, and the Nordic friendly feel and also can direct.

Moreover, the plant green and wooden sundries put together of Scandinavian interior natural feeling to.

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