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Tips for colour in the home

Stay here inspired for how you can use the colors in your own interior of the dwelling. Hos BoShop we have the brand Ethnicraft with the artist Dawn Sweitzer in the lead. Inspired by the theme you can learn here to get the colors into your home…

Ethnicrafts inspiring color and boligunivers be seen here in the picture, furniture and stuff that you can purchase at BoShop. In the picture there farveindrettet with Bright Abstract the hills. Please note that the displayed hills in the picture, unfortunately, can not be purchased more here on the website.

The importance for man

Colors have always influenced the man and had an influence on how we thrive in it daily. Through the story and through the champions ‘ knowledge of color have for several centuries been convinced about how colors can affect both the symbolic, but also how they have an influence on the moods of man. For most of us can sense how some colours can seem warm and the other colors seem cold. And we can use today, with the colors, when we need to decorate our homes in the interior design.

Artistic colors into the home

When one takes a closer look at the hills and the furniture from Ethnicraft there is not a long time before one can see that, with their originality in the design is both surprising and artistic in their expression. With the fresh colors, ranging over a ferskenagtig red and a modern light yellow is the Ethnicraft is a beautiful mix of trays, side tables with beautiful bordoverflader and tables. All with a penchant for a story put together with natural materials.

Even if you usually do not want to choose a piece of furniture and a beverage tray in these, maybe for some artistic colours, the patterns can be. Is it still something you should consider. For when you’ve got used a little to the fresh colours give it a very good interaction with the other colors in an interior design wood. Of course, there is also the option for some more casual colors in the hills from Ethnicraft. Shades in gold and the classic red and brown colors were also represented in the Bright Abstract bakkekollektionen from Ethnicraft.

Benefits by providing you with the colors:

• Have the opportunity to give your space atmosphere

• Have the opportunity to spice up your mood up

• Get the opportunity to show who you are

Discover Ethnicraft-the universe hos BoShop

Hos BoShop, the tendency is clear Ethnicraft has come to be in indretningsverdenen with their original style. When Ethnicraft-the furniture gets put in interaction with each other in a light and airy living room, it really room a særegnet touch with all their colors. It is as if stepping into a bohemian apartment in Paris, where the outside is teeming with creative people and galleries. The understated style of the original in the patterns and furniture from Ethnicraft just gives your space or rooms in the house character.

“It is the personality, the clean lines, the lightness and the combination between the colors, surfaces and wood, that makes the Ethnicraft-furniture and their accessories so unique”.

Come and see BoShops nice shops in Risskov, Aarhus and Aalborg, which is full of new furniture, where you can also explore our Ethnicraft department, where we have put together some of the hills on a wall in a decorative design.

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