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Things to keep in mind when selecting and using paper wall stickers

Wall paper is a perfect material very popular, is widely used. The same can function overlay, beautiful surface for the wall like paint, but the wall paper has its own characteristics, which, when used should be noted.

High smooth surface

Stickers can be used in many spaces, many different rooms. Smoothness the paper surface wall has many different levels, from textured to smooth. What type of paper has a smooth surface, gloss, it has the advantage of being easy to clean, clean if there are stains; and is suitable for places with high humidity, areas related to water.

However, in some specific cases to note smoothness (roughness) surface. On the opposite wall is large, or where there is a strong light source shines on, should not use paper with smooth surface – the ball too; because it’s reflective, reducing the aesthetic effect in the interior space, can even cause glossy eyes. In addition, the ball of paper paste wall will also be easy to expose the imperfections of the wall surface plastering is not flat.

Pattern suitable space

Advantages of wall paper compared to water-based paint is patterned. Need to take advantage of this when using this material. Also what kind of paper paste wall “smooth” only color, no pattern, however if used as such it back… just paint.


Pattern of the wallpaper is very rich, and this is also difficult because of the ease blackouts when selected. Choose the color and pattern of wallpaper should be based on the nature of space, function room, namely, the magnitude representation, wall, décor, furnishings… For example, with a space classic interior, you can choose the pattern picky, noble; a modern space, then select the template, simple pattern, lines wellbeing. With the great wall, you can use the pattern big size; interface is not big, the small, then use the template pattern small.

Not too rampant

Wall paper should be used at the opposite wall is meant as a highlight, should not use too rampant. Plate press can be behind tv shelves, bedroom, lounge area welcome… Addition to the meaning hit points, then use the wall paper too much on opposite wall has a negative effect: that is to reduce the possibility of moisture exchange of the wall with the environment. When moisture in the air, high wall will osmosis reduce the amount of water vapor in the air, and when environment humidity decreases, the amount of water vapor in the wall will drain out, creating balance. Use wall paper lot, when humidity levels are high, there will be the phenomenon of “sweat”, the water flows on the surface.


In case of using wall paper lot, on the big; it should be noted choose the pattern lightweight, submersible, with subtle colour, to avoid glitzy.

Surface preparation stabilizer

When deciding to use wall paper for a surface, a wall specific need to check, locate the widgets, related equipment on the wall surface, as the switches, socket, position lamp, wall, television, facial, conditioner, hangers, nails – hook hanging paintings, hanging… These positions need to be correctly positioned, ensure technical. Because if need to adjust, change location, or repair related to the equipment, supplies, this will leave the “scars” lost aesthetic, hard to repair – especially when the sample paper used is no longer.


When done pasting paper onto the surface of the wall, which had the appliances on that; and if you have the correct position; then it is best to remove the face cover and kickstand pressure wall of the device, after the paste is finished, will re-insert. Then the front cover, this will override the surface, wall paper, more aesthetic, as if to raw and cut – emboss the paper around the face, legs, soles – very error-prone, daub not beautiful.

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