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The office for the first “glow”

When your business any areas, then they need to have new ideas. From the idea to build the business strategy. Want to each “head” that you recruit of “glow” not only “head” that is enough. It is the space, conditions, the environment to “head” that shine. Therefore, in addition to the type meeting room, tradition, have mould size, rigid, the company should equip yourself with additional spaces to the “head” of pregnancy and birth to the idea of a great business for you. To consult the excellent space below for your company, yeah!

If you operate in the field of consulting, design, room below can be a space you should choose.

With a company that specializes in advertising, along the corridor wall is big, employees can unleash paste those notes up his common wall.

Room for company advertising

The room stand out with the pillow softness of the company specialized in business of real estate will help your employees to unleash thinking.

Time brainstorming for real estate

The big board is a focal point in the room to the staff of media you put out these bold ideas and great.

Room for nv media

The strategy Game, epic is “get pregnant” from the room below.

Room for nv company game

Blue sky always more creativity, helps company employees to recruit more comfortable when meeting new plan.

Time personnel recruitment

The wall has to take the working medium is a place ideal for presenting ideas for organizing company events.

Room for company event

No need to add the table of bulky mounted lights on the wall anymore, the walls will become table always to marketing staff satisfied to write his ideas up there.

Room for nv marketing

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