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The entrance of Feng Shui in NG?! The color and direction・mirror position is okay? | Interior for site-LUV INTERIOR-

Feng Shui and environmental studies, based on the good luck of art in. Interior well combined rooms, cozy space, and good luck to all of you.

This is the Feng Shui point of view, from the entrance of the interior to consider.

The entrance is happy at the entrance, the interior of the positive and beautiful that is ideal.

Or don’t! Entrance NG Feng Shui is?

The entrance is good, I also don’t feel bad, all the energy of the incoming entrance.

Inside my house, and good energy only confinement for.

The entrance of the interior to provide an example of nature and good energy just as well as you. First is”absolutely not do that!” I’ll tell you.

The mirror is Wang Qi to amplify it,Feng Shui is a required item. Before heading out yourself check helps, you can kill two birds with one stone! However, the Mirror, Put your head on rather than sideways, put-both the facing-front and facing-back camera supported.

Source: kinarino. jp

Front door is dusty

Front door is dusty in the house is happy to have you…….

The entrance from the good energy came from dust, good energy quickly went in.

The entryway is always shiny,clean.

Vacuum the dust and from the outside of the stain is all gone, Please.

Regularly entrance of floor wiper, wipe it up, the happy energy of the incoming.

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The shoes out

The entrance to the shoes, but the Leaving is,NG.

On that day wore the shoes of 1 foot,for drying out and it is all storage as well.

The entrance to the shoes while I just, bad energy charging time. Also, dirt is intense polishing also like the shoes,I disposed of it.

Every day the same shoes of Feng Shui in not good. Shoes every day to replace it, so please don’t worry about this.

In front of the entrance to the mirror there

The entrance to the entrance as seen from the front on the mirror to its position quickly replaced please.

From the entrance from the good energy coming in, it bounces off the screen.

However, the entrance to the mirror that NG is not.

The entrance to the back, to the right in the mirror put that popularity carried up on the left, put money you can set up.

Front door is overflowing

Storage it is the entrance to overflowing, the state, and water and water and leave them, such as the entrance to the lot of which the state is a good energy away.

Bright, clean entrance, to be good energy coming in and the neatness but please.

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The entrance to the relationship of the figurines have a lot of

The entrance to the cute figurines and Dolls lot of NG.

In particular doll, man I suck with it.

From the entrance came a good energy to the doll sucking all the doll kind is not rest.

Figurines are also of course a lot sooner,I play only 1 place a try.

Feng Shui from the perspective of thinking! Entrance suitable for the interior

It is a good energy like a mountain into the interior look like?

1) and in white for the front door

And in white for the front entrance, good energy coming in and out.

Waste of cards,so it comes, the feeling of the hallway, good energy retention easier.

2) shoes place and decide

You have, in large Shoe rack, floating in the air, not the placement. The bottom of the shoes can be placed anywhere in the room, making that day wore the shoes and the rest not. 1 day and rested not,the Shoe rack, to organize, and the cycle of making shoes, but neat out the bad energy stay that can be avoided.

3) door mirror position is well thought


Source: create. jp

Before going out, and groom themselves for it. So entryway Mirror is required. Enter through the front door,to the left of the mirror to put money up. On the right these popular carry up.

4) doormat

Source: https://kinarino.jp

The door wider, for hallway Mat, and do well.

However, in Feng Shui, if you can front door Mat it would be a good energy back.

One of the negative energy I love, and it flows into the room from all over like a doormat in the block can be.

Doormat hot message kanji letters unique stop processing (free)


Door Case: door(from the past)

Source: suvaco. jp

What do you think?

Fashionable doormat also, from the rooms to fit well decorate it.

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