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50 designs unique kitchen designs with geometric structure (P. 2)

The next kitchen unique and creative with geometry. Traditional kitchen was demolished by the structure symmetrical polygon sharp, accentuated by the creative use rate and the bold, exquisite in shape. In particular, the design of this no-frills, complicated as you think which is used with these tricks quite simple that …

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36 Sample luxury kitchen with Marble (Marble) P. 2

Each a kitchen design with marble (marble) despite occupying only a small part of the space still maximize the value of bringing beauty and elegance, perfect for the kitchen. White kitchen is break up the monotony with the marble (marble) white streaks of gray with a minimalist decoration. Cabinets combine …

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Kitchen & dining room style eclectic, nordic (P. 2)

Continue with the predominant style eclectic Northern Europe, the model home kitchen and dining room below is designed to tone main color is white, delicate and perfectly combined with natural wood, ceiling tiles of the same materials, modern decor bring beauty, modern amenities, and luxurious. Wall tiles white cabinet and …

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