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Style with bathroom, white – black

With tones of black – and-white tradition, familiar but not ever elegant, always “burn” all the light look. Family room designs, bathroom, here gives a feeling of luxury amenities in every detail as soon as you set foot into.

1. Modern feel

Step into a room with this bath, a warm feeling with the light has sleek, sophisticated design. Makeup mirror is paired with shark skin shows the glamour and luxury of the room.

2. Beauty charms from granite

Wall plaster, black and opposition with granite-white fanciful to bring to the profound, subtle and modern.

Bathroom granite

3. An open space

In this space, then white again prevailed and master. From floor to walls and almost the about privacy in the room were draped in white make all the style as glow, and extends to infinity. Soak in the bath and gaze at the delicate motifs as well as the accessories color black, white, alternating around her, is there anything more awesome.

Open-air bath

4. Feminine

If you think black and white is not a combination of feminine, then let’s change perspective of yourself. This room can captivate any any ladies with romantic, modern and luxury of it. The design was extremely observant when you choose the ornaments highlight the softness of the colors black and white and brings a new breath to this style.

Bathroom feminine

5. Harmony

The combination of two colors black and white can sometimes bring the room feel cold if the designer does not observant. With this room, upon entering, you absolutely have the feeling of being warmed by the furniture has color and decorated skillful and careful to every detail.

Bathroom harmonious

6. Trend classic throne

This is a bathroom quite familiar and slightly classic, traditional. You absolutely can style this up with a little color black white in decorative accessories on the wall around the bath or blinds, vertical blinds…

Classic bathroom

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