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Sofabordene in the cool colors

If you are looking for beautifully executed the coffee table in laminated glass, copper and iron, have BoShop timeless, Dutch designerborde from the manufacturer Zuiver. Find your new coffee table in different colors here on our møbelhjemmeside

If you would like to have more freedom to play with colors in your interior is the Cupid coffee table ideal for you to mix and match the copper coffee table along with the other things in your living room. You can buy the chic coffee table from the Dutch furniture manufacturer Zuiver her hos BoShop.

Examples of Zuiver tables

You will find the most beautiful coffee tables in round designs and you can købde it with a laminated surface, where glasbordpladen step into character. Zuiver is a Dutch furniture company, who place great emphasis on a modern design as well, which also has a twist.

Dutch design furniture

Since the Dutch møbelproducents beginning in 2011 have Zuivers philosophy has always been to be designing tomorrow’s design for today’s interiors. They bring a one-stop interiørkollektion with fresh, fashionable and contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories designed in the Netherlands. Zuiver collection is sold in more than 80 countries on 3 different continents and you say that all of their items in the ever-growing collection is the perfect combinations.

Caroline van Velze is one of the co-founders and creative director of the Dutch interiørmærke Zuiver. Caroline and her team are at the heart of our brand. Caroline is always in touch with the latest interiørtrends, all the while she is developing the design from the drawing board to their current Zuiver products. Zuiver-the design team is responsible for a steadily growing collection of Dutch designs, which also creates perfect combination with each other. Caroline regularly tours anywhere in the world, and she says:

“Sometimes inspiration we also during our travels of a piece of furniture that is not even planned. When this happens, we begin with the same drawing sketches. These spontaneous ideas ensures that our products are in the forefront of the latest interiørtrends and keeps the collection in trend fresh and surprising”

It is a concept, we can vouch for hos BoShop, and we are happy, that Zuivers Cupid coffee table is now one of our most popular series.

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