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Small home 4mx4m of ARCHITECT Tadao Ando

“…The ordinary life of 1 people in industrial society today has become very busy, sometimes it makes us forget that who we are in this world, we exist to do what!?…”

Construction pictures home 4mx4m his famous:

Small home 4m x4m famous of Tadao Ando

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“…Where we sit there… along with gaps… for us to feel ALIVE – to EXIST, to feel the breath of yourself in 1 world too scratchy and upside down as today!…”

This works when it has won 1 grand prize of world architecture in Europe… by the philosophy of the interaction between architecture and society. TaDao Ando spent the most prestigious awards this with the philosophy of Housing is quite new.


Architect Tadao Ando

Architect Tadao Ando

Ando Tadao (born 13 January 9, 1941 in Osaka, Japan) is an architect who is Japanese. He is the critically area. Ando hasn’t through a training school for architecture how. This time he was alone made a trip from East to West to self-observation and learning. He has been a driver, a boxer before being a architect. In 1969, he founded the airline architecture Ando Tadao and associates.

Buildings plots in Sumiyoshi (Azuma House), a small house with 2 floors, completed in 1972, was the first to reveal the characteristic architecture of him. It consists of 3 blocks of space square balance. In it, two block of the interior space is divided by an open space of the yard.

In 1995, Ando received the Pritzker prize and $ 100,000. He donated that money for the children orphaned in the earthquake Hanshin.

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