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Sink unique adorn the space more luxurious (P. 2)

In order to meet the needs of the customers and wedo.com.vn continue to introduce the sample to the sink unique are the most searched today. Hope You will choose the model that best suits the architecture of his house.

The exciting first under a tap, this is the beauty of the motifs carved on the glass. When soaked in water, the motifs as vivid as a painting nature really skillful eyes look and rich imagination.

Sample sink beautiful strange eyes

Simply as a sheet of drawing paper and colored jars pour forming stain slicks, but the unique ideas to adorn your house more impressive.

Sample sink beautiful fancy 7

A sink formed from nature – natural stones – material not only of sustainability but also the beauty is always in search and in favor of choosing the most. Under the idea and the hand of the architect, the rustic, rough disappear completely, make room for the delicate and fancy.

Sample sink beautiful unique 9

A wash basin is deliberately elongated to the direction and the reamer deep down into the shape irregularities with the horizontal plane forming the shelves makeup and the vertical is providing decorative lighting. Seen from a distance gives us a feeling like the moon light across the night sky, magical.

Sample sink beautiful unique 11

The stairs is not intended to go. Under each tier wooden stairs virile is a hygienic design is “concealed” in turn from sinks, toilets and trays with a shower.

Sample sink unique beautiful 13

A masterpiece from the glass. A waterfall created success for tap link the sink and bath, giving you the exciting experience while soaking in the bathtub during this.

Sample sink unique beautiful 15

A new concept between the sink and toilet. Change for the sake of aesthetic, the combination with this purpose is important to save the water source – a problem not only within each family, which bring global nature.

Sample sink beautiful unique 17

“Duo” sink, you have thought of yet? Parallel with a sink for adults/ hand washing is a sink lower for little kids and can even help you relax for his feet.

Sample sink beautiful unique 19

Sink transparent for feel deep and wide.

Sample sink beautiful unique 21

An idea from wood returned to blend with nature.

Model, bath, hospital, unique beautiful 23

Integration between sink and unique lighting Led lights are not only creates a focal point for the space, but also bring enjoyment for users.

Sample sink beautiful unique 25

No longer the appearance of the tap, just well-ventilated space just created a how – thrilling escape from the boring thing, bring newness in life.

Sample sink beautiful unique 27

Dance of glass instead of the emotions without words.

Sample sink beautiful unique 29

A unique design remind users: conservation or killing the lives of other creatures depending your hands!

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