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Sink unique adorn the space more luxurious (P. 1)

The sink is a device indispensable in kitchens and bathrooms. The sink is known with multiple shape, color, material and size are very diverse. In the scope of this article, wedo.com.vn would like to introduce to customers the patterns sink in unique, special. We hope, with the super sink this is the solution exotic and excellent for your living space.

There is no sense of heaviness or occupy much but extremely elegant and solid. This idea was inspired by the flowers lilies in your garden and now you do not just watch but also be used even in the home with the feel incredibly strange.

Sample sink beautiful unique fancy 4

Like the pebbles it is come up together to create version “water stone”. Tap stones are combined gently with sink brings the beauty of contemporary, exquisite, charming.

Sample sink beautiful unique fancy 6

Also originating from the flowers, but maybe less who think that ideas from flowers Rum is to make ingenious and refined to such.

Sample sink beautiful unique fancy 8

The cubes always bring curiosity and discover. This sink outline cubes transparent hanging precariously on the air and waste water disappeared into cubes next thanks to the mount sturdy but light.

Sample sink, beautiful, unique, fancy, 10

The “small waterfall” gently pour down and disappear in the “fragments” is deliberately cutting.

The sink and bath, unique, fancy,

The unique combination 2-in-1. Place 1 piece sink and glass shower room are directly connected. Or with the tub in the middle, one side is the sink, one side shower in the bath flipped out to become a shower of independence outside the bath.

Bath, beautiful, unique

This design interest to each of the feelings of you.Relaxing experience in the tub without worrying about water splash, shoot out.

The sink and toilet unique

Basically still is, used water from the sink, but is done in a more elegant form also gives you the feeling of strangeness, more awesome.

Sink beautifully unique

Simple is not only the use but also the aesthetic value to the smallest detail.

Sink beautiful unique fancy

A collection is the shit between contemporary and traditional.

Sink beautiful unique fancy

And… a map that leads the water away without even dropped a small drop on the floor.

Sink beautiful unique fancy 24

A creative round that incredibly graceful, soft.

Sink beautiful unique fancy with glasses

A masterpiece like small waterfalls flow into the lake from the glass.

Sink beautiful unique fancy

The experience the same idea into reality. Just like you take is the nature majestic and thumbnail laid on in his house.

Sink modern smart

Have you ever thought that, just by the drawing up wall surface and give you the functionality you need? If you are still not convinced, come with us – wedo.com.vn will help you to make this wonderful thing!


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