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Simple living room that give every Vietnamese house

The living room is the space indispensable in every house though is the “ground” or condominium, whether a mansion, or simply the picturesque cliffs of the land. The living room is the space common for all the family, at the same time, this is also “the face” of the family home used to receive guests, welcome friends… so, though not very wide or narrow, the owner always try to spend a portion of the space to the living room. Currently, the living room designs is also extremely varied according to the trends and preferences of customers. In the scope of this article, Wedo introduces the template design simple living room but beautiful can apply for any living space in your home.

Simple living room which for the tube

Living room house tube, be arranged artfully to loosen space to the max with the chair long-listed wall. Television is also the owner pussy into the wall in order to save area.

Simple living room but beautiful for a level 4


Living room pipe layout is quite simple to create a pleasant feeling when stepping into. Homeowners choose feng shui paintings big size to create focal points for your house and increase good luck to the owner.


Those who love the interior furniture you can choose from wood furniture. Tables and chairs drinking water by the wood combined with wall and wooden floor with carpet is pick up the color similarity with each other to create harmony, elegance improve the living room to a new level.

Simple living room but beautiful for villa garden house

phong-khach-don-gian-ma-dep-for-biet-thu-nha vuon

Simple living room but beautiful designed near the door with many trees around help the space received a lot of natural light. Natural light brings good luck, fortune for the owner. At the same time, natural light is also very good for health. Space and luxury in a healthy, friendly environment.

Simple living room that beautiful city


Simplicity is always brought to the pleasant, gentle, if you are not fussy about the colors, love the simple, gentle, pleasant, the design of this interior is the most suitable choice. Match the same color paint wall white, wall cladding, wood interior space with sofa square table small square of the same jars flowers small, is the main accents makes the space spacious soothing a lot more.

With the decorations will make your house the dining space add a portion of the space at the same time the space will gently giving the dining room a space just right don’t be upset, narrow at the same time the interior is reasonable will make stairs to 2nd floor becomes airy and more spacious.

Simple living room that beautiful for villa neo-classical


Simple living room but beautiful for villas, neo classic with the perfect combination between classic style and modern brings space architecture, luxury, exquisite, unique. That’s not the contours pattern in classic style, each one in detail all exudes the sophistication that merely gliding strokes her on the recliner, chandeliers, railings… They lift each other, when placed next to each other really shines, rhythm, and harmony to fascinate.

Simple living room but beautiful for condominiums


A modern living room with a combination of 2 main colors are white and gray bring the feeling of young, clean. With the main colors are white, dotted with little orange and natural wood make the apartment warm and stand out more. Interior advanced, reasonable layout, create a feeling of not being restrictive when entering the house.

With the share about the design simple living room but beautiful on here, hope you will be there for his new idea for the space of his home. I wish you success.

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