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Sample Villa Architecture

House modern villa, composed combines many styles that are appearing quite a lot in the new urban area. The combination of modern and simplicity of the villas, European-style elegance of the design style, French style with colors according to the color tones of blue, gray, record cold, white and red styling new looks for this work.

Model number 1: plot area: 270 (m2)

Building area: 108 (m2)

Area of use: 324 (m2)

The breadth of the facade: 12 (m)

Number of floors: 3 (floor)

Architect design: Nguyen Thai Hoang

The architect has selected ratio matching between the components wall-door-roof quite reasonable at the façade.Of works, the layout is simple and of extracts of space,the advantages of the solution is to take the most advantage of a single villa with 4 sides open.Villa 300m2 of land with 324 m2 floor use seemed quite enough for your dream house in one’s life.

Model number 2: plot area: 261 (m2)

Building area: 155 (m2

Use area: 620 (m2)

The breadth of the facade: 12 (m)

Number of floors: 4 (top floor)

Architect design: Tran Duy Binh

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