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Sample interior room director

The working table is an integral part in the working space modern. With the Leadership of a business, a work desk not only a place to handle a large part volume management information voluminous , is the place of contact with the partners, employees …but more importantly it is a picture assert supremacy, location, and sometimes even your personality to the people around…

Wedo would like to introduce to you a number of the products Table “VIP” modern and most handy trends in office furniture now.

Model 01: modern Style, simple style, strong, full of personality, the material combination between the synthetic resin,wood, MDF and metal plated with chromium.


Model 02: Styling monumental but quite compact gẽ suitable with the Director of young and dynamic.


Model 03: kickstand coated metal combined with the opening of the table surface, giving you a vision, it’s confident , help you get the wise decision while sitting on leadership positions.


Model 04: Also with the traditional materials of wood covered with leather upholstery on creative thinking, modern you already own a desk so luxurious and also very delicate.


Model 05: Truth simple and strong, the table is made from just two materials-glass and steel.Material cold create an atmosphere of work seriously and professionally.Besides, with the bending subtleties of the style, sometimes will help you take out those ideas real creative.


Model 06: strong and assertive, which is the product between christmas and paint color between detail and overall value between modern and classic .

With 6 acres on the hope we have brought for you a pretty look overall on the VIP table modern.Do you believe that I’ve changed the concept of the his desk.Create a workspace true of yourself . Wedo always companion with these creative ideas.

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