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Sample house facade 6m

The city today are usually small in size, the majority have only a facade and not very large area. Therefore, design the city in general to do more tiers to satisfy the large demand for living space, while limited in terms of area.

Most prominent characteristics of the design style, the modern city is the minimalist details frills and investment aesthetics for the money. Disposal facade smart and popular for the modern city is to use cubes, the only horizontal installation plate, pieces horizontally to deceive the visual, remove feeling of narrow and high-pitched, help the house look wider.

mat tien nha pho 6.5 m x 11m

mat tien nha pho 6.5 m x 13m

mat tien nha pho 6.5 m x 16m

mat tien nha pho 6m x 9m

mat tien nha pho 6m x 12m

mat tien nha pho 6m x 17.5 m

mat tien nha pho 6m x 19m

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