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Sample home tube 3 roof thailand in Phu Tho

For those plots of land in the city has road frontage width 5m, 6m, 7m… is the situation, ideal for housing tube 3 roof-thai. With a sleek roof, thai commensurate either side, who looked easy is this house very symmetrical and neat. And sample design home tube 3 roof-thai 5x15m at Phu Tho that we want to partner with you, the below will be an example reference for those who are have the idea of building with the structure of this roof.

Share of speculation about house tube 3 roof-thai beautiful

Between the center point of the city, Phu Tho, noisy, british Honour – the owner of the house, the buildings have these to share with structural engineer Wedo as follows: “my family currently has a land area of about 90m2 and want to build a house tube 3 roof-thai. The member in my family includes: my wife and I, a son and a daughter. so I need a minimum of 3 bedrooms, living room and living room, church. Funds that we hold in hand to build this house is 1.3 billion”.

When the load requires this of you Smart, architects Wedo has quickly proceeded to make up design ideas for the living space, your family, invite you to consult.

Overview parameter design house pipe 3 tier modern facade 5m

– Type of houses: the house pipes in the city

– Number of floors: 03

– Home speculative: Nguyen Thanh Vinh

– Address: Viet Tri city – Phu Tho

– Facade: 5m

– Depth: 15m

– Lot size: 90m2

– Year of construction: 2017

– Cost-engine: 1.3 billion

Overall perspective form the tube 3 roof-thai 5x15m

Model home design pipe 3 tier the roof is designed on the land plot size inches quite beautiful 90m2. Can say, this is one size inches quite match with the house design tube on the city today. By land area in the city area is increasingly narrow on the road surface as well as depth. so, building a city-sized 5x15m will pretty fit to bring to the living space luxurious and modern, that have the funds not too expensive.

Sample design house 3-storey roof, thai, area 75m2 have dominant color and elegant

You may have noticed, the perspective of the model house tube 3 roof-thai modern style is sure the result will hold in their hands the class, elegance is not inferior to any home designs mansion any city. this house stand out thanks to the white color, elegant and open relatively transient for the space. You can see, the general trend of the home design pipe beautiful today are using tone light color, especially shades of paint to pristine white, the main purpose is height, as well as beauty elegance, the level cap for design home city.


Angle of view horizontal design house 3-storey beautiful modern style

Besides the main color, you can also see the cubes of the house, the house pipe 3-storey facade 5m road is quite simplified, enough to cause the feeling of steadiness for numerous works. The main highlight has to that’s the sound I fall from the 3rd floor down to the 1st floor with how to create an exquisitely bring a sense of height, the wide-open for design house pipe 3 tier modern.

House design tube 3-tier modern style 3 bedroom nice use of the roof, thai, eye-catching

Model design house 3-storey facade 5m is designed as a town house, but we used the roof the same as the mansion house spacious so. instead of using roof by common or roof deflection, then the structural engineer of Wedo re-create focal points for the project by the roof deflection to that house, this house has more hit points, create height for vintage buildings. building tube 3 roof often bring a sense of ethereal for stylish modern as well as evoke the roof cool, airy.


Perspective view on design home tube 3-tier modern style 3 bedroom beautiful

In addition, the expert on feng shui appreciate the house, house roof, thai. By them for that design, house roof often help homeowners holding the luck, so bring prosperity, gas, pressure, rhythm, radiating source of bad gas is accumulated to settlers inside always feel peace of mind, fun, happy,convenient work and had good luck.

Ground information specific building tube 3 roof-thai

Home tube 3 roof-thai using ground space to, so have the advantage of depth. How to design this convenience, as well as layout functions inside the house. Through the gate, front yard and layered door pull, you will step into the void, the first of the house, the main house is the living room. House this house of Glory was built back to the city of 5.6 m, to help homeowner can park comfortably.

Surface features 1st floor, pipe 3 tier


Ground arrangement features 1st floor, pipe 3 tier

Floor 1 is special layout with a front seat to the means of the family. Next is the living room, and kitchen, 1 WC general, the rear will have a small space to dry. The front at the request of mr. Vinh is using folding doors to help protect the security for the house and the outside is 1 yard encompassed by the gate to separate with about no street noise.

Surface features 2nd floor pipe 3 floors


Design drawing floor plan 2 tube 3 roof-thai

According to drawing at the function level 2, then level 2 will have a living room and mom and dad’s bed. To ensure a private space, then the room must have a separate WC. Front of the living room of the family is to have a balcony for relaxing, private place for taking light and sun and wind naturally into the inner room. In the bedroom area of the mom and dad have a window to ensure ventilation and wide-open, making the space inside the house more balmy.

Surface features, 3rd floor, pipe 3 tier


Ground arrangement features 3 floors of home design pipe 3 tier

In your face with features in the 3rd floor of house design tube 3 roof-thai facade 5m will be decorated 2 bedroom for your children Vinh. Each bedroom also has a separate WC, each about uneven light from the lam cover should always create the sensation of optical hexagram familiar with nature.

Layout design, interior design living space in the tube 3 roof-thai

In the interior space of house design home tube 3 roof, thai, user-tone white brown combination that structure engineer back decorations add the different tones to help give the space brighter, does not bring to the feeling of coldness. It is these shades of cream, beige or dark brown, pale different.


Design house beautiful city with living room ventilated

Building design pipe 3 floors in the living room with the space light and airy, always flooded with light thanks are near the front by front street quite far so style can open the door to look out on the outside. The inside of the house also always flooded with light thanks to about skylight in the staircase.


Design, function, kitchen, luxurious and simple

Space luxury kitchen and full facilities are designed with more room. layout of kitchen room, simple shape of the injection engine that is equally soft warm thanks to grams color of the furniture is arranged government wide.


Space design, bedroom interior, wife, husband, beautiful

Interior design bedroom the parents in the sample tube 3 roof-thai facade 5m using interior color dark brown, suitable to the preferences of the employer. Using system ceiling lamp golden color add the elegant, warm, romantic.


Design and construction of interior girls bedroom cute

Interior design of bedroom little girls love pink interiors with bold colors fairy, incredibly lovely, soft and tender, stimulate the imagination of your baby.


Bedroom designs, the son of mr. Vinh expressed strong personality

Bedroom big boys brother Glory design is quite minimalist, with a combination of the furniture, light wood, gray, and space courteous, bold personality, dynamic, young, strong.

Sample design home tube 3 roof-thai bringing stylish, modern, although located between the center point of the city which, thanks to their novelty designs still form the dominant attractive for modern architecture to this.

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