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Round coffee tables for the home – BoShop

Hos BoShop we have a wide selection of round coffee tables, all of which are designed stylishly with a focus on the individual elements and the whole, they represent visually. Ethnicraft have with their Nesting coffee table, created a round coffee table for your home

Some round coffee tables from Ethnicraft seen here together in this picture. Sofabordene you can buy here at BoShop.

Luxury and function

One of Ethnicrafts philosophies is that residential environments should be luxurious filled with the true beauty of the people and things that inspire you. Ethnicraft has created a sophisticated and subtle collection of trays, mirrors and furniture using traditional techniques with fresh ideas of global origin. The luxury is fused together with the practical in a spirit of decorative objects. Each piece of furniture is a one-of-a-kind’ piece, which is created by hand in a studio and has a signature which guarantees its authenticity.

Global inspiration in the expression

It is an american artist Dawn, which is behind some of the many Ethnicraft creations. Dawn is a self-taught artist with a Midwest-american sensibility, and a sophisticated eye for style. While she designer furniture, lighting and home accessories, recreates her traditional techniques with fresh ideas of global origin. She draws her inspiration not only from her extensive travels all over the world, but also from her experience in the decoration of the home in Europe, before she moved to North Carolina. She is inspired by the things around her, whether it’s a song, book, mode, nature, texture in a painting, or the ones she loves.

The balance between the traditional and the modern

She tries selecting only the things that speak directly to her, so her work is authentic. Ethnicraft brand is a direct expression of the Dawns light-hearted, ongoing immersion in different cultures with regard to how the community embraces the good life. For example, a frame with edge in the interaction with a round table top to create a good balance between the traditional and the modern, while an intelligent and creative expression can be achieved through the play of colors in black and white and materialemiks in the overall décor.

“Hos BoShop you get more than just a round coffee table, since it is important that the design and quality go hand in hand with the personality and functionality”

You have a big freedom of choice from us, since the coffee table at the top of the big picture among other things, can be selected with three colors Charcoal, Bronze or Clear and, of course, available in different sizes, so it always is to find a Nesting table that fits your indretningsbehov.

Creative use of design

It is specially designed for creative use, and the combination of the small table with the big provide not just a fun engineering combined into your decor, it also provides the freedom to use the tables together or separately. In addition it determines, among other things, for yourself which color you prefer bordpladefarve and size – there are a number of colors and color combinations to choose from. You can click on the individual coffee table and read more about the options we offer or Click here to see our range of coffee tables. You are more than welcome to write to us online, or seek out our physical stores in London or seattle. We look forward to help you and to show our great range forward!

Advantages of round coffee tables:

• Get the possibility to furnish you with tables you can easily go around

• Get the possibility to furnish you with an organic circular form that is approachable in its style

• Get the possibility to furnish you with a vast selection of round coffee tables here on the website

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Read more about the product and purchase them including:

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