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Refresh the kitchen with the trend “color block”

If you are a fashionista you can not ignore the trend colors of this manipulative for his kitchen.

Refresh kitchen cabinets by coating a layer of new color is not something new. But, when you use two, three or even four different colors, then the “block” the color will bring refreshing effect. This is a reasonable way to add style to a kitchen and the creative possibilities seem to be endless. Your kitchen can become delicate and “eyes” or not depends on how you choose the color. Trend “color-block” causing everyone to love.

Here are ways how to create good effect with the trend “color-block” for kitchen cabinets your home.

Painting kitchen cabinets on a high with a color other than the color of the kitchen cabinet below. If you are choosing the duo colors are high contrast, then, let’s paint the kitchen cabinets the bottom with dark colours and the kitchen cabinet above a lighter color. Put dark shades near the entrance will help eyes look balanced, whereas the bright colors on high will make the kitchen feeling open and airy achieve more.


If you desire two bright colors approximately equal in level, choose the neutral shades in the same color range, for example, emerald green and lemon color green to the appearance of them not too bright.


If you prefer a color, impressive and dynamic for the kitchen of his, but a little afraid it may be a bit too garish, you may choose kitchen cabinets natural wood color or paint a neutral color gently.

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