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Recipes layout for small dining room

If you know take advantage of being easily create the cozy feel of a small dining room, you can completely transform the dining room cramped into a space perfect for the whole family to gather in each meal.

The town house or small apartments often have the dining room or kitchen combined dining room with very limited space, however weak points, this can become an advantage if you know the ingenious set and choose the furniture for your space.


A tips dedicated for the small space is should choose light colors, pastel color will help you have the space feeling airy and more spacious. However, should avoid the color as blue, green because it is the color which can cause feelings of appetite. You should choose pale orange, pale yellow or cream color, these colors just warm, just easy to coordinate colors.



If it is, should have a large window to catch light and create the airy feeling to the space. If you can’t show window, you will have to invest lighting for the dining room this is really good. You can choose the white light, accompanied by one or two bulbs to create a cozy feel to the dining room of his family.


The type of round dining table is the choice that you should select for the dining space is small. The round table will help to save, and fit with many types of space than other types of square table. A word kkhuyên for you is to choose the type of dining table is designed in a modern style because this style is based on simplicity and convenience. Avoid the types of tables and chairs to eat too bulky, cumbersome, they can be very beautiful to the eye, but will make the whole family meet many annoyances in the move.


In addition, small dining room should be decorated simply, don’t get too much closet shelves in this space. How to decorate the best for this space is to hang the photo of your family on the wall and can further decorate by hanging small pots on the wall.

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