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Practical u-shaped sofa in the beautiful design

If you are looking for a practical u-shaped sofa in modern design, you’ll find a unique selection of BoShop. We have hand picked all of the sofas in our huge range, so they live up to the demand for long life, the implemented design and high quality

When you choose a u-shaped sofa among our assortment, you might get exactly the sofa, as you dream of. The picture shows the Latina l leather sofa from Kelvin Giormani, which you can buy here at BoShop.

Shaped like a horseshoe

The characteristics of the u-shaped sofas is that they are almost like a horseshoe surrounding the family and the people who are using the couch. Secondly, there is space for many people in the u-shaped sofas and secondly, there is also the opportunity to talk with each other, without the need to turn his head to the side when you talk to the person, who also sits in the couch.

“In a u-couch you can actually sit across from a person and carry on a conversation”

On the big picture which we have included in this blog post, you can see Latina l a leather sofa, which can be obtained as a u-shaped sofa, where users of the couch can sit facing each other.

Many different optional modules

We offer many different optional modules for each sofa, then you can compose it for your particular needs and wants. A u-shaped sofa from BoShop is not just practical, because it creates many seating options, it is also well thought out right down to the smallest detail, so you get the most out of your furniture. You can see and try out all our beautiful u-shaped sofas in our megastore, which is located in Risskov, north of Aarhus or in our large bolighus in the centre of Aalborg. You can also see our entire range on BoShop.dk.

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