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Persian-style at home – BoShop

Persia being called “the cradle of civilization” because many tings origin is from Persia, not only objects, or objects such as Furniture and Carpets, but also the linguistic development Persia contributed

Do you dream yourself away to eastern mysticism, as we know from all eventyrfilmene, so can Udupi the table lamp be to give your interior a touch of the Persian style. BoShop Collection with their Udopi table lamp created a beautiful and eye-catching lamp for home.

Iran, with the richest artistic traditions

Iran is home to one of the richest artistic traditions in world history and encompasses many disciplines, including architecture, painting, weaving, pottery, calligraphy, metalworking and stone masonry. Tæppevævning is one of the most distinguished manifestations of Persian culture and art, and dates back to ancient Persia. Persians were among the first to use mathematics, geometry and astronomy in architecture and also have extraordinary skills in making massive domes which can be seen frequently in the structure of the souks and mosques.

Historical origin

Persians, or Persian people are the part of the iranian people, who speak the modern Persian and other, closely related iranian dialects and languages. The persisktalende people’s origins can be traced to the ancient iranian people, which was a part of the indo-iranian language group, which itself was a part of the greater indo-european language group. The synonymous use of iranian and Persian have occurred for centuries.

The term ‘Middle east’ is a geopolitical and cultural area, which usually covers the south-western Asia and Egypt. The area consists of the countries around the south-eastern part of the Mediterranean sea and east of this, as well as of the countries of the Persian Gulf. It is not clearly defined, which countries belonging to the region.

“Håndvævningskunsten was invented in Persia, and it remains very traditional. A Persian carpet is a carpet is hand-woven eastern Iran. Because of their popularity, with unique features and penetration of Persian carpets generally placed in their own category under the umbrella of oriental rugs”

Great versatility with Persian rugs

The Persian rugs are signalling the style of 1001 nights and has a great versatility in design, function and color is what makes them so special. Persian rugs can be expensive, opulent and extravagant, but they can also be affordable, practical and durable.

Benefits of settling into Persian-style:

• Get the opportunity to furnish you with things that can give you a sense of the middle east

• Have the option to furnish you with things that have personal and autenciter

• Get the opportunity to surround yourself with something classic in your decor

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