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Palm Garden Resort

Palm Garden Resort is located on Cua Dai beach, Da Nang airport is 30 km away and the town of Hoi An in 4 km. Resort-style architecture, Oriental, with the interior details are elaborate.

Purpose the design of the architect of the company, Green Architecture is want to evoke images of the ancient town of Hoi An in the 16th century, 18. Where this time it is a commercial port bustling between Vietnam and other countries such as China, Japan. From there, the architecture of Hoi An is also influenced by these two countries. Today, Hoi An has become a tourist destination impressive and unique. And impressive features that became characteristic is the emphasis for Palm Garden Resort.

Wood, rattan, leaves, and brick train is the main material to create a the perfect resort. All have created friendly, rustic and casual as the people of Hoi An. Impressive still lies in the definition of sculpture separately on the wall, on the entrance leads into the hallway, photos palm leaves make pedestal for the reception…

Entire seat rattan in a space with color gentle, open, and blends with nature. The railing on the area the house is the stylized houses on the street of Hoi An. In addition, micro-architecture, opening, light pass through, making the interior becomes shimmering. The rate of column, door, plinth… harmonious, causing the interior becomes clear.

The simulation and stylized characteristic architectural details native (Hoi An – Vietnam) for interior decorating is an imprint strongest for the Palm Garden Resort. The walls, gable house, railing, roof tile color, very modern but still very well the detailed simulation ancient, is the main language for designing works.

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