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New Nordic, pull nature into the room

The material wood is a big part of today’s trends. And it is mainly due to the trend New Nordic Nature also called New Nordicyou can be inspired by hos BoShop with wooden furniture for living room, bedroom and other places in the home

Bed frame in the New Nordic style. With furniture from Ethnicraft you can draw nature into the living room, or, as here, into the bedroom with the beautiful Azur Oak – frame. Please note that the displayed frame in the picture is unfortunately not can be purchased here on the website.

Wood is one of the big trends

The material wood is a big part of today’s trends. This is mainly due to the trend: New Nordic Naturealso called New Nordic, which started back in 2008, and that’s just grown over the past year. The nordic style is casual, light and informal. The style is rustic with natursymboler and the tree is a key material. It is the trunk, which makes the trees for the trees, for without it they were just large shrubs and wooden furniture which we sell here on our website are made of the trunk of the tree.

“The material wood is a big part of today’s trends”

The trunk of a tree has the role to raise the branches, and hence the leaves are free of competition for light. The trunk must also be able to carry its own, the graceful and the total weight, and must be able to withstand the load, as the tree will be exposed to during the storm. Finally, the strain could channel the water and dissolved nutrients from the roots to the leaves and dissolved organic substances from the leaves down to the roots.

Get inspiration for decor in the New Nordic style, here

Decorating in New Nordic-the spirit of the Nordic Oak range is inspired by nature’s long-standing mark on the tree. Introduce the tree in your decor through this beautiful bookcase in untreated, solid oak. M Rack Small, the Oak – bookcase / room divider is made of the brand Ethnicraft, who specialize in ’emorationelle’ high quality furniture in wooden, it is perfect for you who like the style New Nordic.

Benefits of indette you with New Nordic-style:

• Get the possibility to furnish you with natural materials in your interior decoration

• Get the possibility to create a mood that you fårduften and the look of nature within

• Have the opportunity to purchase a large selection of wooden furniture in the series here on the website

Ethnicraft has also, in addition, this beautiful bed frame in solid, untreated oak. Azur Oak – sengerammen give the bedroom a natural touch and the tree personality enters into the character in the force of the large surfaces, as sengerammen consists of. You will find many more great furniture in wood, that can inspire the decoration of the New Nordicstyle on BoShop.dk.

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