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Netizens consulting building 200 million in rural areas for couples

For many years luxury homes in motel, wife, husband, sister, brother, N. L always warm, tempering the desire for a warm nest of his own. by the way, when is grandparents grant a piece of land in his hometown, the couple abacus cumulative savings of approximately 200 million to build a house small size, 2 floor, in the style simplified to add to the children about the country. but you also fret not know the amount of money that can cover the costs no choice but to sign the reference point netizens.

Build house 2 floors with 200 tr

“The sister asked me 200 million have built the building in my hometown, don’t you? house kids food Festival in my hometown of her husband, Nam Dinh. but on the whole in the building of her husband, living dining’t be free. I want to build 1 house small 2 storey, minimalist style, garden layout to the children about the country is familiar nature. Now I have 200 million, is that enough?”


After posting, the fret of L., to be quickly more people to pressure tong said. There are those who have built there who said no, who then advise family find another embodiment or accumulate more. Each one with a separate view that “painting” build a house cheap at home more full part as follows.
With comments, [xây ngôi nhà 2 tầng với 200 triệu]sister K. C remarks: “Well, enough that you build in the countryside, the craftsmen, and liao also much cheaper. but I think if use purposes only few days or few years, it needs thinking back. house so long not in as quickly damage it.”
Copper point, mrs. H. C comment: “Built, but without waste. Home, her husband, also in Nam Dinh and her husband also called, build, own a building at home that there’s room for comfort. that took 1 pile of money lying dead there, that effective use too little, then it is an expense too free range, but don’t say it’s investment.”
You N. L: “200 million if only the would be fine to have enough (basic and essential) would be to accrue more then.”
L. K: “The children in peace building from the year 2013 has 1 floor games 60m2 (long 13 wide 4.5), building type simplifying 1 guests 1 bedroom, 1 kitchen + toilet which is also 200m and then italy. Don’t know current prices with the material increase or decrease how.”
Your N. H: “the Price of building materials is basically the same, at home cheaper little body, but other things such as sand, gravel… rather than the materials from plants such as cement, steel, plumbing, electrical…, it will be almost the same, even more expensive. The craftsmen are cheap also only cheaper 1/3 for the day in the city range 200 thousand/ day, then in home must also 150 thousand.
With the amount of money so you can build a minimalist as possible, using materials of cheap money, then right out enough. Because the average 5triệu/m2 is cheaper also to 3.5-4 million, then, can not be reduced to half is where you are. If the building level 4 you will add sli is money-making foundation.”
on the contrary, many people believe that the 200 million to build a 2 storey house is quite narrow waist, just enough frame construction but not yet enough shopping widgets in the house. Should wife, husband, sister, brother, L should wait some more time, and then built the house will be more comfortable.


You M. H. T: “If the buildings then don’t have kids in regular, then you also have to account cleaning after this. As house tranche grandmother in the country to take you help the 2 husband and wife, building, no people in the range of 1-2 months about 1 times as it takes at least half a day to sweep, mop buildings, exposure launchers. Without her in the Middle, also the monsoon. Northern weather have those episodes of monsoon, it damaged all widgets. 200 million, I think building flat roofs, with a mezzanine longer possible, but 2 floors fear of not enough.”
“Extensive land build house level 4’s built tall and wide. however fear 200triệu slightly narrow waist. Cost (including finishing) of 4-5triệu/m2” you D. V. K a comment.
“According to her is not. the house in your village, building 1, floor 150m2 of 700 million. If you have the money its not speculation into place after this because I don’t in the long run. If you intend to later on home life, then the” you T. T. T. T articulate comments.
“2 the floor is not enough, 1 floor, it can be you, sir, little oh come on. Uncle’s house his irreproachable material taken straight from the factory, truck building ran out carrying that stint is the maximum fine that does not do price as you. Of course possible that regarded choose material as the how.”


Some detailed calculations are always for a cutting board from hard heart. typical is the comment:
“The amount of 200 million, you have to spend about 130 million to hire workers, build the rough. 70 million to complete and the interior details:
h.electric water about 8 million
House painting 8 million
Aluminum glass door 8 million
Bed, chair, table, living room 10 million
Kitchen cabinets and countertops eat in about 5 million
Tile + granite about 15 million
Equipment sanitary 5 million.
Cabinet living room decoration cabinet for clothes 7 million.
When you build a house 200 million, often the total area will be very limited to about 40, 50 m2 should you take note of the space the house so that the most reasonable, okay”.

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