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Nerd room is exposed faction✕hide school? Geek the layout of the room and storage is? | Interior for site-LUV INTERIOR-

Room not expose faction from the hidden sect from it, but both the interior and it can do it.

Otaku room layout and storage in your.

Unique view of the world, enjoying the room as a personality right.

Otaku room to hide the school’s layout and storage art?

Otaku room to hide school layout

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Cartoon from geek’s bookshelf colorful plate of the door is hidden for example.

A wall and not a cartoon it is that is doesn’t feel good.

Storage door color rendition by the fun of it.

One by one the door like a finely delimited door is where you need only open a can.

  Otaku room hidden people

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Unified box stuffed to the HID example. Monochrome case in point that is fashionable.

Label and let it out.

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Comic books and other nerdy Goodies,black file box into a unified piece with a calm atmosphere is to hide so that we can review all stations and update from our servers.

Box shape and color of the unified hide and tidy and the Restless for the interior.

Decorate expose faction of the layout and storage art?

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Actually, one the same as the previous example and the way of the otaku room. Decorate the place and hiding place from the split layout as possible.

Perforated Board set of shelves only to decorate it. Perforated Board to the calm atmosphere of the adults feeling of color to decorate adults atmosphere is not working………

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One corner of the room to otaku corner in the story.

Vintage feel of your bookshelves like a DIY to make decorate and Geeks corner I come out?

On the walls were shelves on the left of the figure bookshelf the same atmosphere of the shelves for a vintage handsome feeling of calm atmosphere in Did you know…..

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American miscellaneous goods of the otaku room.

Wall panel art when I redecorate display new.

Oil leather version of the bitter sofa and the color of the walls and the American miscellaneous goods of the world is bad.

This is like decorating things and the walls and furniture the colors of the atmosphere as a unified image of that in…….

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Like I as interior decorations

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Figures such as decorate your own view of the world that there is room in the dome.

The entire room of the turquoise shades of the room to the original as possible.

Otaku rooms, the colors of the theme set up with a view of the world and it might not.

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All kinds of otaku Goodies to decorate if you only need depth are not on their own rack DIY I like.

A little to have enough to decorate, you can make impression.


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TV units to the sides of the Black Showcase of contrast on decorate by.

Curtains on walls to decorate, such as clean and tidy and decorated in the interior part of Did you know…..

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Showcase and bookcase such as the height of the dining room can be decorated.

Monotone to align your shelves decorate and do in the area.

Good Smile Company(GOOD SMILE COMPANY)

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Wall-good use of Figure have graced it.

Located high on the shelf DIY decorating for the lower wall portion can have a calming interior have.

White walls in order to enjoy the top of the wall just for decorating, this is the place for you.


Source: http://roomclip.jp

What do you think?

That only you can know the hidden geek space of the room with a look at how to open and owns Goodies obediently appreciation room can be both a fun room from here.

Everyone’s life matches the style of the room come on and try it.

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