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Must-have, the bookcase for the modern home

It sounds no longer boring when it says bookshelf. The modern bookcase
have found their way into several lovely living rooms and home, and it can actually be one of the
the furnishings for a space to seem nice and stylish

A bookcase is here placed in a modern home. It’s Mozaic Oak – bookcase from Ethnicraft, you have been able to buy her hos BoShop. Please note that the displayed borgeol in the picture, unfortunately, is not available here on the website.

Bookshelves are not just for granddad

Many associate a bookshelf with something gray and dull. Yes, actually quite the grandfather-like. But it need no longer be the case, for now, Bookcases not only be practical, but also really modern and stylish. With the bookcases and bogreolerne from, for example, belgian Ethnicraft, which has some very exciting hylderum, where you can place your books and other decorative items.

When you have a modern bookcase need you not to have filled all bogreolens room with books, you can also let some of the rooms to be empty. It provides: a good balance of the bookcase, so that it does not work so stuffed.

“You can also farvekoordinere the spaces in the shelves for the books to let the books with a specific shade of a color stand together with each other in the spaces. On the way you can on an almost graphic way let the books be part of the decor in the home”

Selection of stunning bookshelves hos BoShop

Hos BoShop we always have our finger on the pulse, and therefore, you will also find a nice selection of stunning bookshelves in our selection. With a bookcase in the right color, there is ample opportunity to insert fine, maybe even old leather-bound books. This is in any case very modern, and can be a good way to utilize his bookshelf. You can see the big selection of bookcases at BoShop, but their selection is, of course, also on the website.

Benefits of bookshelves:

• Get the opportunity to also align with other things than the books in the bookshelf

• Have the opportunity to create an artistic statement with the bookshelf as a pyntereol

• Have the opportunity to create coziness in the home because a bookshelf with books signals hygge

Follow this link to get to the BoShops home on the website.

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