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Multifunctional sofa beds – BoShop

If you are looking for a nice sofa for your space or room has BoShop many multifunctional and Danish sofa beds from the manufacturer Innovation Living. Sofa beds are no longer just simple couches, but is here in 2021, with very good sleeping comfort

Idun sofa bed from Innovation Living is here in a home, the sofa bed you can buy here at BoShop.

Sofa bed in beautiful design with many features

If you are looking for a smart and multifunctional sofa bed, there are several great models to find hos BoShop. We sell sofa beds in a wide range of types, and you shall, therefore, without problems a sofa bed that fits your room with us. Our sofa beds are available in many different materials, so each customer, it will say you have the opportunity to find the model that speaks the most to him or her.

“You get a sofa bed that can keep for many years to come, and you and the family will be able to enjoy the many good sovestunder on”

Not to mention the morning, evening and during the day, where the sofa bed can be used in the same way, as if it were an ordinary sofa. A sofa bed as Idun sofa bed on the large image at the top provides plenty of room for those sitting in the sofa bed, and it helps us to save on space in the dwelling at the same time we have a sovefunktion.

Advantages of a multifunctional sofa bed

• Get a sofa bed from a recognised sovesofamærke
• Get the opportunity to utilize the space better in your home

• Get a really good alternative to a bed with sofa bed

Multifunktionen by a sofa bed

Many students see it as a clear advantage to have a sofa bed instead of a bed, as we often are craving in studieboligerne. But a sofa bed can also be handy in established home, which you and your family can enjoy, and if you have overnight guests. If space is really small on the dorm you can also select one of the so-called sofa beds, which is also available as a sofa bed chairs, which can be toggled off. Here you can Cubed 02 Wood sofa bed can be a great bid on a soveløsning. Come into our shop in Risskov, or in Aalborg, or see and purchase all of our sofa beds on BoShop.dk.

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