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Muji furniture has a reputation as a high! Return or pick・the purchase of? | Interior for site-LUV INTERIOR-

Muji furniture is a popular high may return or exchange of such as can or bought after the withdrawal or purchase there worried by it.

Muji furniture useful to know about after the purchase of the land..

Muji furniture return or exchange is to?

Muji if you want to buy the store and if you buy 2 of the streets have either purchased by return or exchange in different ways.

In the store if you purchased in store return or exchange,a network, when the network returned or exchanged at will. Or the Internet in order in a store or purchase in store return or exchange to you.

The net purchase for return or exchange?

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First net purchase of, if not during the return or exchange can be about the product itself is defective or dirty or broken, or if something is missing or if a different product is delivered to you as possible.

That’s when I reach from within 8 days from the default for a return and Exchange form to contact you.

Yourself once for the return shipping cost to bear after will be refunded to the system.

In addition, when ordering the size of the mistake and image difference,wrong order if your due for replacement is not included in.

If unused,returns will at once return the goods on,for their own re-order it. If this is the case for the return shipping cost is your own burden will be in the wrong order, you must be careful with.

The return period for the product within 30 days here. After that time the return will not be in as soon as possible to return a good way.

At the store of purchase or what if?

In-store return / exchange, the product is not if there was a store return and replace.

The customer in the case of return or exchange, if you wish to unused products if the application to bring the purchase within 30 days if the in-store return・interchangeable.

Also, at the store of purchase, if return / exchange is a sale, and store other than the possible is useful. This Muji store return / exchange is available.

Withdrawal or purchase, is it possible?

Muji Take-Back Service?

Muji is subject to the goods as long as the waste of furniture Take-Back Service. The new product is that in the case of delivery when similar products it possible that I Service.

However, this condition is met only when they could be that service well in advance to check in……

Muji furniture

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Goods subject to the leg with a mattress variety, bed variety, for a bed, mattress variety, sofa (body sofa), a table (dining chair・Desk・folding tables・children’s table・this was one of ineligible items there in).

Internet Order,after order completion,Muji net store service center in the”order number”and”take the contents of the product””the number”to contact when doing so.

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The purchase is?

Muji purchase pay to purchase contractors and recyclers also in such areas first and check out the.

Muji is a brand as I have a place there.

Condition is good, if you bought from the can consult one for you.

This to know in advance and pay attention to the order for safe surface, but also can advance to the confirmation of the word.


In women,jagged/around the bed/DIY/bedroom/children living with you./ Genna room...etc about the interior of the examples introduction.

Source: https://roomclip.jp

Muji returned goods correspondence is a step by step on if you can,like no problem.

So as not to trouble,the high ones to buy at the deadline and method of grasping firmly on to do so.

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