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Most read: the Couch for the stylish home

This article is the most read blog posts on BoShop.dk. Here you can read about the couch to the stylish home and let you be inspired for your own home’s décor…

A stylish sofa is here placed in a home. Sofamodellen Wilson provides classic style and top design, and its clean lines are modern, which gives an overall textured appearance, where the fine stitching to the seats and armrests are made in mikrosektioner, which provides a completely new and exciting look. You can buy the couch her hos BoShop.

Dristrig approach to the upholstery in sofadesignet

Indomo stands for a bold approach to upholstery, how their designers are characterised by their passion for the perfect form. They create livsstilsmøbler that give every home its own personal style. A sofa must ‘fit’ – just like a good shoe. Indomo is a tribute to beauty.

The finest aniline leather is harmoniously combined with the perfect proportion of upholstery in the design. The stylish expression as a sofa can be, that is the way of a method to meet something exclusive. The couch becomes a retreat from the hectic everyday life. Indomos casual styling creates the lounge atmosphere, which surprisingly gives inputs to a modern lifestyle.

“Indomo understand better than virtually any other manufacturer, how to polstrer furniture with its own unique character.
Modern living, fresh ideas, perfect form, where Indomo collection is the ultimate lifestyle. And in terms of functionality, comfort and combinations, Indomo unparalleled”

Stylish sofas hos BoShop

Hos BoShop we distribute a wide range of exclusive and stylish sofas for your home. Common for them all is that they all are candidates to be the couch for the stylish home. Whether you are a stylish sofa in black leather with wide and exclusive cushions and chrome elements, or if you are more into the cognac-coloured sofa with a warm and extravagant surface is completely up to you. At the top of the big picture, you can see the Wilson sofa in a stylish home. It is said that a sofa from the brand called Indomo. And this is just one of the many sofas for the stylish home that we can offer here at BoShop.

Advantages to align themselves with a stylish sofa:

• Get the opportunity to really put the icing on the cake in your decor

• Get the pleasure of enjoying and contemplating a nice piece of furniture in the daily

• Get a sofa, where you do not compromise on either design or quality

So explore the BoShops website and let yourself be inspired by the sofa for the stylish home. It can very easily be your drømmesofa, which you can find on our website.

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