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Model kitchen cabinets, U-shaped

Kitchen cabinets, U-shaped design that surrounds you 3 facial with lockers, desk, kitchen and other kitchen equipment. If the letter “U” big enough, you can put more table kitchen island in the center.

Design kitchen U-shaped to create a space cooking separate, flexible use in the case of small dining room, square, can turn one edge of the bar or table compose the food in the case of design kitchen with open space.

Depending on the length or width of the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets african sage brings out the idea of the kitchen form the most reasonable for your kitchen. to achieve the above criteria kitchen cabinets phi hien we advise, design and manufacturing directly for you to be selected solutions and products in accordance with location and size of the kitchen in your home.

The model kitchen cabinets, U-shaped, beautiful, which we introduce below will help you to have more ideas for room space kitchen of his :

TBUCN (10)

TBUCN (11)

TBUCN (17)


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