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Model kitchen cabinets for condominiums

Apartments usually have area for kitchen limit. Below WEDO please recommend a few samples kitchen cabinets beautiful hope will be the idea for you when kitchen cabinet design for apartment.

With the habit of cooking requirements, more spices of the Vietnamese people, we need to handle escape the smell and good ventilation in the kitchen. When design and installation of ventilation in the kitchen, vacuum the smell to the kitchen, then blow air out area lot’s validity, however if not possible or not allowed, then blow air into digital box vertical line of the building.


Many of the kitchen in the apartment today is designed with more room, dining room and living room, so the ventilation and odor treatment as more important. Interior design kitchen room need to harness the maximum efficiency of ventilation and natural lighting, no design furniture or kitchen cabinets obscured window. The ceiling and the wall-room kitchen should not be rugged design with which to flat to avoid fouling.


Because the frequency of use of kitchen cabinet much better design, energy use and durability for kitchen cabinets is important factor leading. A design stove handy to full site layout refrigerator, sink and kitchen to cook in a comfortable way. The drawer, kitchen drawers, kitchen cabinet accessories ( hand lift, drawer runners, hinges, handles,… ) to each function separately, and full kitchen cabinets makes cooking of members in your family more favorable.


Sinks and countertops on two sides sinks is used where with the time, the most sinks should be the priority of the location has good lighting and location spacious for standing operation. In addition to the features of regular use, the storage utensils in the kitchen cupboard reasonable will help to make the kitchen area be neat. The use kitchen usually stick water on the floor or have the need to use the floor to the food, so choose materials flooring area the kitchen is ceramic tile or natural stone. The light in the room, kitchen, demanding to be honest enough brightness. Projector lamp directly mounted in the ceiling at the bottom of the kitchen cabinets on the illuminance at the kitchen table, going for the effective use high should also add lights to decorate.

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