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May we present Mr. Marius

Ethnicrafts brand-new furniture line, Mr. Marius is inspired by a time when furniture was created to keep and which was designed to go in the legacy to our children and grandchildren…

Ethnicrafts Mr. Marius-seating series can be seen in this image.

Combination of solid wood and retrofarver

Mr. Marius combines the solid wood properties with a watch, retro design with and the colors. Ethnicrafts first Mr. Marius collection is full of poetry and humor, as a kind of tribute to the childhood memories. When you look at the big picture, you can see how Mr. Marius-the furniture is put together with other classic furniture, such as a Charles Eames-chair and the room is also decorated with a mirror in the great Danish composer, as is illustrated in the picture at the top.

“Try to notice how it dusede light coming through the windows in the herskabslejligheden. The daylight is almost symbolic of the entire møbelserien Mr. Marius from belgian Ethnicraft. Symbolic because the light similar to the light you can see on many classic paintings from a bygone time”

Classic and modern at the same time

Mr. Marius is on furniture, with their clean and simple surfaces both have something modern about it, but at the same time pulling the tape back in time with for example the small desk or skrivepult, which draws the attention of one’s thoughts to think back on an old-fashioned bureau. A piece of furniture with a flap, so you can fold the table top up and in according to needs. Ethnicraft have with their Mr. Marius found into the kernel on how to combine a design world that connects two centuries with wooden furniture in classical and whimsical elegance. Hos BoShop you can see a large number of the brand new Mr. Marius furniture, that will certainly give your residence and your home a new design twist.

Benefits by providing you with Mr. Marius-furniture

• Get the possibility to furnish you with something new and old at the same time

• Have the opportunity to give your home’s interior a design twist
• Get the opportunity to furnish you with poetry and humor

Hos BoShop we also recommend to put a nice carpet to the furniture. As a good contrast to the very simple surfaces, you will find by Mr. Marius series, a carpet with a more complex pattern can be a good thing to have. On the way, they give each other each a good complement to the room Mr. Marius-the furniture is in. Take a look on BoShops website and let yourself be inspired by the many other contemporary and classic furniture that we have in our range.

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