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Living wall that is there? IKEA using illustration collection | decor for site-LUV INTERIOR-

Wall storage idea for you,custom built if you don’t ask, and I will,IKEA, etc, and any combination of large storage capacity can be expected that the wall can look for.

Example introduction while the benefits for all.

IKEA wall storage free combination of benefits! The disadvantages?

IKEA wall storage”BESTÅ(best)”The Color panel in the street

Source: http://roomclip.jp

IKEA wall storage”BESTÅ (vests) and”installing the TV to the wiring all in the wall paying you can design.

This is,various forms of storage to original combination wall storage is possible.

This combination, with the TV units in a variety of wall storage with the shape.

Glass door and pick and choose the various options you can choose.

Illustration IKEA”BESTÅ(best)”the sides are also all white, to become the color of the tightening effect, seeking a separate kitchen of the cover panel is attached.

These things are benefits do not contrast for devising nice.

Also, rollover protection idea when mounted on the wall for the mounting screws is not included in the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities in……

Fall prevention of attention!

IKEA wall storage

Source: http://www.ikea.com

IKEA”EKET user (keto)”series,with legs of Cabinet options, called 245x35x185 cm of height, and more.

Box freely combined, can be stacked at all.

Find the storage and open storage and not hidden storage both of you can use any combination is convenient. Also, with legs and features.

Note,This height is suitable for both furniture and walls that need to be fixed to it.

According to the material of the screws should be prepared.

Rental of dwelling in the case of the disadvantages is the place to go.

This audio-centric storage finished!

In men,the Other best-in/IKEA/TV/BESTA/wall storage/DENON...such as the interior of the examples introduction.

Source: http://roomclip.jp

IKEA wall storage”BESTÅ(best version)”, the hidden storage of the wall cabinets on both sides and place,TV units sandwiching the form of a wall storage made of.

Speaker of the color and the combined audio set centered on Wall in this life.

No storage and no storage is from IKEA wall storage benefits are well used.

Big wall storage is a combination hard?

Ceiling wall storage combination

In women,the Other of Wallpaper paste replacement/Wallpaper DIY/Laura Ashley/IKEA/wall storage/TV bench DIY...How about the interior of the examples introduction.

Source: http://roomclip.jp/photo/tuFx

This IKEA wall storage panel in to the room.

TV units on both sides-to-ceiling height glass-door bookcase combination with TV on the portion of the bridge was a shelf installed.

Great features such as the wall storage has become.

This on the wall with screws must be fixed, or,assembling the work of the features aggressive.

Adults with 2 or more people do points a little in the House.

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The BOX is assembled note also

In women,3LDK contest/non plant hanger/indoor plants/DIY/narrow and enjoy❤...such as the interior of the examples introduction.

Source: http://roomclip.jp

Here is the living room narrow-IKEA”KALLAX (color box)”a series of lean to storage in mind.

TV to fit the size of the BOX type of furniture made with

This is all with doors to be the only storage capacity, and where the doors with no freedom is attractive.

In order to make cheaper than can be also a great benefit.

Disadvantages are a combination of each to the mounting need.

On the stage,under the BOX and Kinoshita Earth is mounted in the bottom of a printing system and General replacement for LPD and the like wooden base firmly on the attention that is required.

These benefits did you know on the original IKEA wall storage to take advantage of for a long way


Wall lights

Source: http://www.ikea.com

TV storage so I must need

Children and the relationship of the structure of The Room, Design TV storage of the benefits are great.

I encourage you and safe to TV storage practices and to make sure search engines know what you are talking about.

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