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Kubu, the figural lamp with us

BoShop is, of course, with new trends in interior design, and therefore dealer we now have a new lamp or ceiling light, called Kubu. The lamp is in a beautiful show both decorative and figurative at the same time

Interior design with the figurative Kubu lamp from Dutchbone, which you can purchase at BoShop.

Can be combined with all colors in your home

The series with the Kubu loftslampen from the Dutch design firm Dutchbone is great usable anywhere and anytime, because they are designed in the natural curved shapes. The lamp is extremely flexible in its aesthetics and functionality. An incredibly decorative and beautiful lamp that you can choose a size. Perfect for the dining table, or as mood lighting in a corner. With its attractive figure in the design informs the your space in a unique and exciting way. You have a wealth of opportunities to create a Stemningsbetonet lighting, to suit any occasion. Because the Kubu the lampshade has a unique woody shape will dress up in most homes.

“The figural design provides Kubu lamp in the nature of a beautiful curved form, where you need a special evocative light”

The round design provides the character

There is almost something artistic and organic over the lamp’s form, with the various types. If you look closely at the lamp surface looks almost as it is carved wood as if it were an apple, that have been peeled and is actually a unique way to use wood that is used on the lampshade. In any case it is something that we here at BoShop think is different, and something that is worth taking into consideration if you are looking for a new lamp to your home.

Benefits of figural lamps:

• Get a good opportunity to choose a lamp with personality

• Get a lamp, which may not be standard in many other homes

• A different light on your walls

With Kubu lamp from Dutchbone you will get endless opportunities to use the light in your home in an entirely new and independent way. You can also See all of our table lamps here or come into the shop in Risskov, or Aalborg and see the lamp already today. Of course, you can also see them on the BoShops website.

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