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Kitchen with these shades stand out

Wall, yellow door, green cabinets, red kitchen table purple…, the appearance of the shades of highlights will make your kitchen becomes strange, new, and a lot more.

A cell wall gold with these cups, bowls green red purple yellow membrane back style for kitchen room white.

trang-tri-bep-2 copy

The floor “7 rainbow colors” makes every step and your activity in the kitchen are flexible over.

trang-tri-bep-3 copy

The wall and floor the same tone, green kitchen cabinets red ball express the youthful of the owner.


The combination of the color block vibrant material ball make the kitchen fun.


If you don’t want too brilliant, you try to apply the “motor” the color, the room still very young.


Kitchen table color purple – an idea rare, but the room really stand out.


Youthful style, but still very chic with the color scheme red, bring this.


Pay more attention to the details like the glass pitchers and even the color of food…,
you will have room colors beautiful eyes.


Kitchen cabinets red with shade material easy to clean and clean.


The sync “ton sur ton” color for the kitchen.The vibrant colors are easy to attract your eye, but think carefully before deciding to invest them, by “life” of the style is usually hard durable traditional style.

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