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Kitchen room vintage

Besides modern style are on the rise, a style also always kept it stands for it’s classic style. Each style has its own characteristics of it.

Modern style the angel of the simplicity and contrast, conversely, vintage style, then bring in the elegance and nobility. If You have a kitchen room does not narrow, and you like what ancient, then why not design room your home kitchen in this style, so reminiscent of the olden days or a heyday of the nobility.


However, the classic style, but it’s still handy and reasonable, there are bar and kitchen island for the room, combined with the dark wood and the lamp makes the room more splendid.


The chairs made of metal in antique style and it looks old skills back in harmony with the room, the storage space and to wine handy. Have added the candles for extra space romantic, the chandeliers look as the candles on pylons, more bold, more aristocratic style in the room.


Don’t have the furniture as flat screen television, or the colors to contrast, but all is harmony and use the same tone color. Interior use mainly wood, and designed with the wall cabinets is special and many motifs, these lamps are bring a look from time immemorial. But also not really. like the kitchen that has the innovation to suit the requirements of modern life today and still keeping the style classic.

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