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Interior villas holiday

The mansion resort this beautiful, located in a terrain’s stunning Van Phong bay, a location ideal resort in Vietnam. This is a villa, gorgeous, stand out on the beach with refined style and warm.

Villas, this resort on a beautiful beach overlooking the whole scene spectacular nature. This villa is designed with six bedrooms with the living area individually designed with material glass help take maximum advantage of natural light and brings great vision out kunh nature. This is a private villa was group of architects and the professional interior design top construction brings a interior space, ideal for the vacation of luxury and class.


This villa has an area of widely used ideal for the enforcement of the creativity in interior design in order to meet the criteria creative and create a lifestyle of luxury, relaxation according to the true interests of the employer.


The living room and the common area is designed according to the open style with interior space airy and spacious. The entire front of the living room are made of glass is designed to be opened to allow the employer and members in the family easy access to the relaxation area, outdoor, such as pool area, scenic area, enjoy a drink and outdoor parties. The use of glass material, a subtle way and science for the entire living room has brought a interior space, flawless, elegant and incredibly luxurious create a sense of peace and relaxation. The living room has an area of widely used is designed simple, delicate with bar create a interior space, ideal for the vacation of relaxation. The sofa table is designed with style and color individually according to the whim of the employer. A work of art made of stainless steel material, simulation of a lotus flower the symbol for the delicate peace with the idea to bring the serenity of the soul and body of the employer and members in the family. A small living room is designed on the second floor of the villa resort is designed in the style of meditation inspired by the philosophy of Buddhism. The entire window is made of glass, decorated with wooden material on the ceiling is a unique design. Ornaments, see interior is a lotus flower really by steel material. The shape of the lotus flower also symbolizes the sun brings ngồn abundant energy for the entire villa as well as the entire family members, where the beginning of a new day filled with light.


The dining room is designed with luxury and sophistication with the utensils, see interior has modern style and wooden material combine with the seat seat is wrapped with a cloth cap level. Subtle blend of colors, designs, decorations and lighting system brings a luxurious dining room and elegant is the ideal place to enjoy the meal with landscape beautiful nature.


The bedroom and living areas, private is a masterpiece of color, sophistication and luxury. Bedroom is designed spacious open-style, in harmony with the natural landscape of the coast and ocean. The bedroom is designed with two contrasting colors-white and dark brown create a interior space, peaceful, cozy and ideal for the vacation of nature relaxation. Material glass is used for the entire facade and sides chicken wings bring a stunning natural setting, maximum use of natural light, bring a living space, bright and luxurious. Each bedroom is designed with a separate living room at the same time this is also the area for the owner and a friend of the owner enjoy the moment romantic with spectacular seascape at sunrise or sunset.


A cinema is designed in style, cozy, elegant. Cinema is designed with shades of brown totally different with white colors of the entire villa resort. Cinema is a compact design with furniture, wallpaper canada, decorated by a wall art large create a space to enjoy high art. A large screen of the system combined with high-quality sound, to meet the needs enjoy the art of the employer and members in the family.


The entire complex apartment interior villa beach is a masterpiece of creativity, the subtle combination of colors creates an ideal living space, luxurious and suitable for the vacation, relaxation peak. The unique combination of materials of glass, wood, stone and concrete highlight up the living space fresh and new, filled with light. Design ideas was the perfect combination with furniture, decorations and lighting systems bring a living space, serene, elegant, elegance and harmony with nature.

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