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Interior design living room house tube

Architecture house pipe is now very common, drag in it is problematic, interior design takes for the tube is also attention. The pipe has characteristics area is usually rectangular, width is very narrow compared to their length, so the question is designed interior space suit the pipe, which is specific in this article will be mentioned directly, which are interior design living room takes for the tube.

Consulting and interior design WEDO is a company specializing in consulting and interior design pleased to introduce to you the sample design and the note in the interior design beautiful living room for the pipe:

Small house, so the use of light colors help the space the house as wider. The house is designed in open space, the area is related through a maximum with each other.


Space will be extensive when not in use bulkhead.


Use the big door will make living room more airy.


A sample living room modern simple courtesy and luxury.

To have a guest room modern luxury for the tube, but you do not know the layout and arrange furniture for ensuring aesthetics and convenience? You can be rest assured WEDO will help you turn your dream into reality with a team of architect, experienced furniture factory, with the artisans have many years of experience in the creation of products, luxury furniture, high quality. You can complete peace of mind more when WEDO direct supervision of all items for each of your house.

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